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Tips And Tricks To Have Spotless Shoes

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Shoes are an important accessory that requires a lot of attention and care. But, unfortunately, they are also a very inviting place for dirt, dust, and mud. Cleaning your shoes is an everyday ritual that we must keep our shoes in top condition and in good shape to use. It is an integral part of your life, and you do not realize its importance until you do not clean your shoes and they become smelly and dirty.

As you know, your shoes are exposed to multiple types of harmful germs; these germs can cause health problems like colds, cases of flu, or even the flu. These germs can also cause allergies and skin diseases. Unfortunately, many people do not clean their shoes regularly, making it easy for germs to infect.

Use A Washing Machine

One of the standard effective techniques to keep your feet clean and odor-free is to use a washing machine to clean your shoes regularly thoroughly. When washing your shoes, it is vital to use the correct water temperature, detergent, and other tools. The role of the washing machine is to ensure that your shoes come out clean and odor-free.

Cleaning With Dish Soap

Washing your shoes with soap and water is the best way to remove bacteria and dirt. Soap works well at removing dirt and stains from your shoes, but if you want a more thorough cleaning, try using a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of warm water. Then, add a cup of vinegar to the mixture and let it sit overnight. The next day, scrub your shoes with a soft brush. Next, put the shoes outside in the sun for a few hours to dry. Finally, finish with a clean, dry towel. You can keep your footwear looking clean this way for a long time.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is the most popular of all the household chemical cleaning agents. It is a non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaning product that, when combined with water, will effectively sanitize and deodorize any footwear. Baking soda can be a gentle scrub for your shoes and help clean them without harming the leather. It is more acidic than the other components found in the usual shoe polishing. The baking soda will make your shoes super easy to clean, but it also will make them smell a little funky for a day or two. 

Cleaning With Toothpaste

Toothpaste provides a great surface to wash your shoes or any other flat surface for that matter. It’s a safe, natural, non-abrasive, and gentle alternative to harsh detergents. It won’t hurt your shoes, either when washing by hand or in the washing machine. Use toothpaste to remove scuff marks from your shoes and help restore the upper leather.

Just mix a small amount of toothpaste in water and scrub your shoes to get rid of the dirt. Use a soft material to clean the shoes before rinsing them off for best results. If you have thin boat shoes with thin rubber, use the paste on the sides and If the shoes are thick, use the paste on the top. If you have narrow fabric shoes, use the paste on the inside.

Use A Magic Eraser

The traditional way to clean your shoes is to use a combination of a cleaning brush and a dry cloth and then polish them with a bar of soap and a shoe brush. But, if you want to avoid the mess and time and effort to clean and clean your shoes, you can do it all with a magic eraser. One of the many ways to keep your boots looking fresh is with a magic eraser.

These soft, rubbery blocks are available in various colors, but the traditional white, blue and yellow are also available. They are made up of silica beads and rubber and are usually used to remove stains. Specifically, athletic shoes that are frequently worn in the gym or outdoors. You can clean your shoes by rubbing them with a magic eraser to gently loosen the dirt, then rinse them with warm water to remove all debris.


Cleaning your shoes is important because it will help you keep your shoes in good condition, which will make you feel comfortable. It is also a good habit to follow to keep your shoes in top condition. It is not difficult to clean your shoes, but it takes time and effort to keep them looking good. Cleaning your shoes will also help you decrease the number of bacteria in your shoes, preventing you from having foot odor and foot fungus.