Tips On How To Move Houses On The Cheap

Moving house comes with a lot of excitement, hopes, and new opportunities. It’s like starting a new chapter of life. Though it’s not unknown that moving houses is one of the most stressful things to do in life. It can drain you mentally, physically, and financially. Moving all of your possessions from one place to another could be an expensive business. But not if you plan everything wisely. 

If you are one of the many people on a tight budget and concerned about the expenses of moving houses, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven valuable tips on how to move houses on a budget. 

Create A Moving Budget

The first step in moving houses on the cheap is creating a moving expenses budget. A moving budget will allow you to allocate money towards the essential tasks. You can also know beforehand which job will require more money than others. This way, you can have proper control over your spending and make sure that the money you decided to spend initially is enough. 

Select An Early Moving Time

If you’re not moving in a hurry or have flexibility in deciding the moving date, use the chance to make your move more affordable. If you book your move early, you can avail of special discounts from movers and packers, travel agencies, and even on flight tickets if you’re going far. 

If you decide to move anytime between September to May, you can get huge discounts as these are off-peak seasons to move houses. Also, it’s best to avoid days like holidays, weekends, and the beginning and end of the month as these can cost you more. 

Compare Moving Quotes Until You Find The Right One

Don’t settle for the first moving company you see. Not every moving company is the same, and each one differs in prices and services. All you need to do is take some time and do proper research to determine which company can get your job done at the least expense. 

You can opt for full or partial packing services. You can get everything packed with professionals in complete services so you won’t have to spend time worrying. 

While on the other hand, in partial packing services, movers pack just the valuable stuff and transport them carefully to the destination. 

However, selecting a moving company could be daunting. Check out some practical tips while choosing a moving company for your move. 

Meet With The Movers – Some professional moving companies like to come to your house to check all the valuables and important items you’re planning to move. You can either call them to meet you or can show them everything over a video call. 

Check Additional Services – Last-minute decisions can cost you more money than you planned. To avoid this, check all the additional services your moving company offers beforehand. This way, you can decide which service to avail of and what you can easily manage yourself. 

Compare Reviews – Each company shows a glimmery flawless side to get more customers but do not fall for the trap. Check what previous customers have to say about the company and then make your decision. 

Beware Of Frauds – If a company demands 100 % advance payment or gives you a quote without looking at your belongings, this should raise a red flag. Beware of such activities. 

Pack All That You Can Yourself

If you don’t have much stuff to move or you think packers are not necessary, you can pack items by yourself also. Organizing and packing all or at least most of your property will save you a lot of money. You can also leave expensive things for packers and fill the rest of the stuff by yourself. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand from your friends and relatives. 

Avoid Moving All The Clutter

If you’re packing all the stuff by yourself, avoid packing at the last minute. Also, avoid loading all the clutter as moving less stuff will save you a lot of money. If there are some appliances or furniture you don’t use, avoid moving such stuff. You will save a lot of money and time by not moving unnecessary stuff. 

Organize A Garage Sale To Make Money Out Of Things You No Longer Need

Knowing how to save money while moving out is good but knowing how to make money is even better. You can toss out your unwanted stuff for more cash. Once you’ve decided which things to take with you, organize a yard sale for all the things you’re leaving behind. If not yard sale, then you can also sell such items on an online platform like eBay. 

Tips For Moving Your Furniture

Moving furniture could be a tedious task, but you can make it manageable by efficient planning. You can hire a truck or trolley to move heavy items like beds, refrigerators, washing machines, couches, etc. Disassemble all the possible furniture you can do, like beds, dressers, folding chairs, tables, etc. 

To save expensive furniture from being scratched or broken, wrap old blankets and towels around them. 


Moving houses is not always as easy as it looks. From packing to moving stuff to another home is a time-consuming and tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can move your house on a budget with all the tips mentioned above. Be creative and plan everything.