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Tips To Make Your Home Safe And Secure

It’s no secret that crime rates are on the rise. We hear about another home invasion, carjacking, or burglary every day. It seems like nothing is safe anymore, not even our own homes. However, just because crime is on the rise doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. You can do things to make your home less of a target for criminals and increase your chances of avoiding a break-in or home invasion. The following are some simple tips for making your home more secure. Follow them, and you’ll be able to rest a little easier at night, knowing that your family and possessions are safe and protected!

Upgrade Your Door Locks

The front door of your home is the first line of defense. It’s what criminals see when they’re casing out a neighborhood, and it’s usually the best place for them to gain entry into your home. Perform an inspection on your doors to determine if they are sufficient in terms of security or if you need to upgrade them. If you find that your existing locks aren’t strong enough, don’t worry! You’ll know that your door locks are secure if you can do five or more hard kicks against the door near the deadbolt, and there isn’t any sign of damage afterward. There are plenty of options available for beefier hardware at low price points. Make sure that you check out reviews online before buying anything.

Secure Your Windows And Patio Doors

Don’t forget about your windows and patio doors. They’re often left out of the equation when it comes to home security, but they are just as important as your front door if you want to ensure that no one can gain entry into your house. The easiest way to secure your windows is by adding alarms onto them so they’ll go off if someone tries to open them without disarming them first. If you don’t want to invest in an alarm system for each window, there are other ways you can secure them quickly. For example, pickets on your window shutters or metal bars over them will deter potential intruders from entering through the glass.

Installing Security Cameras

The easiest way to secure your property is by using high-quality locks and blocking all entrances and exits into your home. But, if you’re not into DIY projects or would prefer additional safety measures on top of those that come with the house, then adding security cameras might be something worth looking into as well! So why not use this technology for our benefit? If you don’t like the idea of having a camera pointed at your front door or backyard, then go for something discreet such as a fake water tower that you can place outside on top of your roof. It might not look all that inconspicuous, but someone casually walking down the sidewalk probably wouldn’t think twice about it. Just make sure that you check the camera’s warranty before purchase.

Get A Home Security System

Another significant step in protecting your home is to invest in a sound, comprehensive security system. Having a solid protection system in place will make you feel much more secure when you go on vacation or when you have to leave the house for any length of time, and having an alarm system installed can be surprisingly affordable. If there’s one thing that criminals hate above all else, it’s getting caught. Not only will they try and avoid homes with security systems altogether, but if they do get caught trying to break into a monitored home, they’re going away for a long time after their day in court!

Add A Peephole To Exterior Doors

Installing peepholes into exterior doors will allow you to see who’s there before unlocking and opening the door. This makes it much less likely that criminals will be able to gain entry into your home by simply knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell with the hopes of scaring someone into opening up! A nice side benefit of upgrading is that you’ll generally feel safer after making this change since most burglars are looking for an easy target. Once they see how secure your home is, they may move to another house where being sneaky is easier. Newer peepholes will also have a wide-angle lens that you can see who’s at the door from much further away! This means if someone is loitering outside your doorstep for too long, you’ll be able to catch them before they even get close enough to knock on your door.

Adding A Fence Around Your Property

This is one of the best investments you can make for your home, regardless of whether it’s in a safe neighborhood or not. A fence around your property serves as a physical barrier that will keep criminals out and at the same time prevent children and pets from wandering off without someone keeping an eye on them! This means if you live in a neighborhood where strangers are known to roam the streets, then having a fence up could save lives. Plus, even if your area isn’t full of crime, implement this tip anyway since fences make any property look much more sociable and give it more curb appeal.

Install A Home Safe To Store Valuables

Precious metals, jewelry, cash, and any other forms of currency will be kept secure in a home safe. This will be especially valuable if you live somewhere where robberies are known to occur, but it’s worth having even in a neighborhood where such crimes aren’t as common. Besides keeping your valuables safe from theft and harm, you’ll also love the convenience of having access to them whenever you need something out of it without having to search for each item! Just make sure that you choose one with solid construction so that criminals won’t break into it.


Home security these days is taken for granted, but with so many tips and tricks to make your home safe and secure, it’s good to learn some! It’s essential to know how to protect your family and property while you’re away! Most people never have to use their home security, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry!