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Tips To Protect Your Home From Termites

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If you’ve started to notice dust beneath your couch, then it’s time that you should start searching for termites in your home because if they have started feeding on the base of your home, it will cause you costly damage. Removing them is an enormous task due to their tiny size. Another reason it is hard to get rid of them is that they are tough to locate, and by the time you discover them, you might find a colony and a considerable amount of damage. If you have detected the damage, it’s best if you start acting towards it because, as mentioned before, it causes a lot of damage. 

Remove The Origin Of The Moisture

Just like any other insect, termites also require water to live. When they are looking for a place to settle in, they look for a place to get a steady amount of water supply. If your home has soil and water to support the entire colony, then you might get some of these unwanted guests. So make sure that your water pipes are sealed; if that’s not the case, replace the unfit pipes and make sure that the gutters are working nicely. Because keeping the moisture away from the base of your home can assist you in keeping the termites away.

Remove The Origins Of Food 

Termites also live on cellulose; it doesn’t matter in which form. If there is a lot of non-living wood lying around in your house, then you are the one who’s inviting them into your home. To prevent them from entering your home, you must consider taking all of the non-living wood out of your home. Woods like mulch, firewood, or landscaping wood must be away from the place you live or somewhere else. Because any wood will make a decent place to live for them, and after some time, you will notice that the entire colony is residing along with you.    

Remove Shrubs From Outside Your Home

Shrubs around or near the house make up an excellent surrounding for termites. If you have exceptional plant growth surrounding or near your home, you should remove the bushes, shrubs, or small plants, because these plants attract termites. So, either remove them or maintain a considerable amount of distance between your house and plants.  

Pack The Areas From Which They Might Occur 

This is the most crucial point to prevent those termites from accessing your house; make sure that there is no way for termites to enter. These tiny insects might get into your home through several directions, but if you are making sure that there are no points from where these termites can enter, it is a much easier way of blocking them. Perfectly blocking or sealing the access points is a way to go. You must also check any cracks, holes, or gaps in your windows or doors; fill them immediately if you find some.  

Make Sure You Inspect Your Place At Regular Intervals 

If you want to get your home inspected, you must always turn to professional help because an expert individual knows the best methods and spots to look where the termites might reside. It is pretty general for a lot of people to know about the infestation after the damage. So, please call professional termite inspectors, as they are very inexpensive.   

Keep The Affected Item Out In The Sun

If you find out about termites damaging a piece of your furniture, keep it in the sun for three days, continuously. This strategy can come in handy in such situations because such insects cannot handle heat or warmth in any way. After keeping the furniture out in the sun, the heat will slay the termites and get rid of any moisture in the furniture, avoiding the possibility of termites returning. The wise thing here would be dusting the furniture off now and then. 


After inspection, if you find no signs of termite, it’s best if you call out the pest control team to get a comprehensive assessment and prior treatment before the termites decide to raid your home. Do the necessary upkeep and always keep an eye out to see if the termites appear again.