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Top Classic Halloween Movies

The word Halloween refers to a holiday celebrated on 31st October every year. The tradition is related to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people lit bonfires and wore costumes to scare away the ghost. Later, Halloween was incorporated in movies, and horror films were made to create a kind of fear among the audiences for entertainment purposes. These films generally created and maintained fear, nightmare, and terror of the unknown power among the viewers. It involves fantasy, thrillers, and supernatural fiction. Some are comedy, scary, horror, and suspense movies for children and families. 

The audiences are free to choose from a long list of editorially chosen products purchased according to their taste and liking. The Affiliate Marketing Programs help in promoting these movies and earn a good profit on each sale. There is no other month better than October to watch Halloween movies. The editors choose all the Halloween products. The links to retailer sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu offer stream services and pages to help users readily available. Whether it’s a family-friendly or a scary horror film, they always entertain you throughout October. Let us see some favorite and classic pics and find more information:-

Hocus Pocus

This Classic Halloween movie is available on Amazon Prime video to rent Hocus Pocus. It’s a comedy-horror dark fantasy film directed by Kenny Ortega. It was released in 1993 in the United States of America under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures. When this movie was released, the film critic gave mixed reviews, and it did not earn much at the box office.

But it was rediscovered by the audiences at its annual airing on ABC Family and Disney Channel. This film presents a trio of witches resurrected on a Halloween Night by a teenager named Salem. The three witches take away Emily Binx, Salem’s sister, to their cottage to absorb her youth and regain their own by killing her. A spell is cast on Emily for this purpose. Salem fights the three witches, who transform him into a black cat for the rest of his life. He is cursed to live with the guilt that he couldn’t save his sister Emily. The content is created in such a way that it helps in making this a cult classic.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Christmas story is available on Amazon Prime Video. It’s an animated tale of a Pumpkin King who resides in Halloween Town and is tired of being in the same scary life. He wants to celebrate Christmas in a very cheerful way. Henry Selick directs this Oscar-nominated film.

The movie revolves around the Pumpkin King who plans to kidnap Santa Claus with the help of Halloween town residents to celebrate Christmas. There are some mixed reviews from the audience. Some viewers believe that because it is related to Christmas, it’s a Christmas movie. In contrast, others argue it’s a Halloween movie because it takes place in Halloween Town among its residents. The arguments and debates have divided people for whatever type of movie it may be. It’s worth watching.

The Haunted Mansion

It’s a family-friendly movie about a real estate agent who is a workaholic and doesn’t spend time with his family. He promises a vacation to his family, but everything goes wrong when they reach a Haunted Mansion. It is available on Amazon Prime Video. Rob Minkoff directs this. It is a Supernatural horror-comedy based on the attraction of Disney Theme Park. When the estate agent and his family reach the Mansion, they find that it’s haunted and make attempts to escape. At this point, the realtor learns the importance of a family, which he had been neglecting in the past years.

Hotel Transylvania

Computer animated comedy movie produced by Michelle Murdocca. The film is based on a resort owner, Dracula, who promises Monsters and Spooky creatures for an excellent human-free setting. But when a traveler (a teenage boy) discovers Dracula’s daughter in the resort and happens to fall for herAsas a protective father, Dracula stops his daughter from venturing into the outside world by making up stories to make his girl aware of the dangers waiting outside the resort.


It’s a children’s horror series available on rent on Amazon Prime Video. Ari Sandel directs it. It’s a family-friendly, light-hearted movie where the Monsters from the books come to life and mess up everything. The author, along with his friend and daughter, tries to send them back into the books. It happens when they are cleaning a room. The Goosebumps series was banned like other scary storybooks because the parents wanted to save the children from being afraid and that these books were quite scary.


Watching Halloween movies has different effects. They are preferred by some individuals who love to have excitement and fun with friends. Some are wired, and they want to enjoy a high amount of physiological impact. Others turn to scary movies as they have novelty. But when it comes to children because these movies may lead to anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Movies based on kidnapping and molestations may have adverse effects. Therefore, it is suggested that the parents keep an eye on their kids’ reactions regarding any scary movie and then decide whether it’s good for them or not. And if they feel frightened, they should be prevented from watching such movies.