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Top Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Your kitchen goes through a lot in just a week between cooking messes, everyday spills, and dirty dishes. It’s one of the most common seating rooms in the house, making it even more important to clean regularly. Cleaning every surface in your kitchen can be challenging, whether it’s a coffee-stained counter or a sauce-splattered stovetop, especially when you’re on a fixed schedule. These top, easy kitchen cleaning hacks will help you deodorize, degrease, and sanitize in a shorter time. 

Choose Baking Soda Over The Common Cleaner

Baking soda has tons of different uses; it can also help you whiten your teeth whenever you bake bread or cake. It can turn out to be an eco-friendly, reliable, cheap, and efficient cleaner for your kitchen appliances. Replace the regular cleaner filled with dangerous chemicals and has an obnoxious odor with baking soda.

The Grates Of The Stove Burners were Cleaned With Ammonia

The stove burner’s grates do attract dirt and grease. Whenever the frying pan drips a bit, it all associates around the grates of your stove burners, thus making them very hard to clean. Most people would willingly have the grates replaced rather than spend energy and time cleaning them. It would be best if you thought of using some ammonia to clean them.

Vacuum Your Refrigerator Coils

You will be shocked to hear that you can easily use small vacuum cleaners to clean your refrigerator coils as well. The vacuum is not just for the rings but also for the air condition system; both attract dust like a magnet.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sink Cleaner

Cleaning your kitchen garbage disposal unit and sink can be very challenging. The fact is that there are many products meant to eliminate and dissolve the food remains and other debris that can clog your sink’s drainage. If you want a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative, you will be surprised to see how lemon and some baking soda and vinegar can be useful for your kitchen.

Lemon And Vinegar are The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Hack

Vinegar and lemon are used in many different ways around the kitchen to clean various appliances. They’re magic ingredients to remove the grease from the stainless steel kitchen sink and unclog your garbage disposal, also used to exclude that unpleasant odor from the refrigerator. Some foods can give a nasty smell, and for that, you can use lemon or vinegar to remove it.

Clean Your Microwave With Water And Lemon

We often ignore the microwave when it comes to cleaning the kitchen and all the adjacent appliances. The microwave can get as greasy as the kitchen sink and stove, so it must be degreased and cleaned regularly. Fill a cup with water, add some lemon to it, put it in the microwave, and heat it; the steam will make the oil and grease a lot easier to remove. 

The Liquid Bar Keepers Work Like Magic

Cleaning your cupboards can be very time-consuming, mostly if you have not done it in a while and dirt has gathered all around them. Luckily, you now have the best option for the right cleaning products, the Liquid Bar Keepers Friend! Easy to use, healthy, and with a pleasant smell. This simple option can work well and make your cupboards look new.

Quick Blender Cleaning Hack

You can clean the blender in many different ways. Either do it under a primary water jet or use an old toothbrush to remove the veggies and fruits that often get stuck in there. However, there is the quickest and most efficient tip to clean your blender if you are looking for an alternative to that and make sure it will always work at full potential. Add in some warm water and soap and stick the blender back on the machine, and blend. It is probably the easiest way to clean your blender.

Clean The Dirty Pans With a Dryer Sheet

This tip is one of the most fantastic kitchen cleaning tips you can come across. Now, who would have thought that you could remove all the grease and food debris from your pan by merely adding a dryer sheet on top and filling the pan with hot water? Hot water will result in oil-removing bubbles, and the dryer sheet will absorb all the dirt when it touches the sheet making it a fast, super-efficient, and effortless way to clean.

Clean your kitchen sponge

Sponges can transfer many bacteria from one appliance to another, so you should clean them every once in a while. There is a sure way you can do it. Microwave the sponge with a glass of water for a few minutes on high, soften it, make the oil and dirt unstick from it, and kill the bacteria.

Final Words

You’d be amazed what a few simple additions or changes, even if you think your kitchen is already clean enough, can make you feel about your space. With organization tips and cleaning hacks, you can clean your kitchen and appliances easily.





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