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Weird Uses For Sugar You Didn’t Know

Sugar is a necessity that deserves its place of honor in the best pantries all around the world. It is a great ingredient to sweeten up beverages like tea and coffee, and also it adds delicious flavor to baked products. Today you will have a well-versed knowledge of the usage of sugar in households. 


Sugar Helps In Cleaning The Coffee Grinder

This kitchen gadget is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. Unfortunately, due to its heavy usage, it tends to get dirtier and smellier. But there is one ingredient that can solve your problem and blast away the stuck coffee beans and also helps to remove the excessive oil. This incredible ingredient is sugar. So by grinding one cup of sugar, you can enjoy a fresh cup of refreshing coffee anytime. 

Sugar Helps To Keep Flowers Fresh

To keep your center table vase flower fresh and bloomy, you should add three teaspoons of sugar and add it with two tablespoons of vinegar. You need to dissolve it in a glass of warm water and pour that mixture into the vase. This will help you extend the flowers’ life, nourish them from roots, and keep them lively and fresh. Adding sugar to the vase will provide nourishment to the flowers and also give them long-lasting life. 

Sugar Traps Wasps

If you are allergic to the pest, you can prepare an easy homemade trap to catch the buzzing insects. To prepare this trap, you need sugar, water, and a plastic bottle. 

How to prepare this trap? To save your family and friends from the wasps, you can use a recycled water bottle cut in half, now invert the top and slip it inside of the funnel and put it together using tape. On summer days, they are more attracted to sugary soaps. So this trap will easily catch the wasps. Once they have trapped it in, they won’t easily leave it out through the funnel hole.  

 Sugar Can Help Food To Last Longer

Nothing is worse than cookies and eatables getting stale before their expiration date. If your cookies and the packed food items have expired soon, then you should adopt this clever food-saving hack using sugar as the main ingredient. Add a few sugar cubes In an air-tight container to absorb the moisture from the food and keep the food fresh. 

Sugar Washes Away Germs

Now it is super easy to kill the germs using this simple ingredient which is available at home. Add sugar to your soap as it kills the germs, and also, the sweet mixture can act as an exfoliant to scrub away the dirt and the harmful bacteria and germs. It is the best mixture which is natural and homemade, and it cleans your hands without the use of chemicals.

Sugar Can Light A Grill

What you can do is add sugar to coal and light the fire. Sugar catches fire in no time, and it can enhance your grilling experience. Sugar acts as a booster to the fire, and also it will keep the fire burning. 


Now you know all the unusual things you can make out of sugar, it is all-natural and is 100% pure and effective methods to prevent germs, light fire, keep the food fresh and odor-free. These tips are quick and most readily have sugar available in their home. Try these methods out and consider buying sugar in bulk