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What I Learned From My House Plant

All bricks and skyscrapers around and signs of green lit up a feeling of joy in our lives. If you have grown around greenery and have now settled away in the city, it is apparent that you miss the greens and their benefits somewhere down the line. No matter how many plants and trees are around you, there is always some space for house plants because they are full of life and complete your house. 

Here are six great life lessons plants teach us. So please make a note and get your new batch of these unsung heroes. 

Plants Are Happy Themselves

Grow a fern with roses and hibiscus, and yet it will find a way to be true to itself and not get influenced by the beautiful flowering plants around them. It’s a normal human tendency to be influenced by the people around them, something we can also term peer pressure; however, plants do not follow this growth set. They do not require to be validated for their existence and their beauty. 

Every plant has a purpose for living. They find contentment in their service, and therefore, we should be happy with our purpose and be true to our uniqueness. For example, a rose may be portrayed as an expression of love, while a eucalyptus plant is preferred for its therapeutic benefits. 

Plants Move At Their Own Pace

Do you realize we humans are in a constant race to achieve new things every day? We are always on the go and perhaps lose the present moments we are living. However, plants, on the other hand, do not follow this competitive process, and even if you want them to grow impatiently, you cannot influence them because they will dictate their speed and growth. 

Though they move in conjunction with the world around them, they will be patient in growing and achieving their heights in the form of blooming or fruiting. Therefore, be like plants and move at a pace where you are comfortable because the world would want you to do a hundred things, but it will not move along with you to fulfill those things.

Plants Teach Us To Rise Again

Do you ever forget to water your plants for a couple of days? You will notice that the leaves will go dry and start to wither. However, as you begin to water it again, the brown will turn into greens and grow as you start giving it nutrition in water, manure, and sunlight. 

Humans, too, need to learn this re-growing and forgiving nature from plants. Just like the leaves dry out, we, too, lose confidence and take some time to bounce back during our low times. If someone does us wrong, we tend to hold a grudge and never forgive. But your plant does forgive you when you forget to water it. 

Sometimes All You Need Is One

Humans tend to hoard things in bulk for fear of going out of stock. Most times, the bulk items go in the trash because they have not been consumed in the given time and get expired. Have you seen Lilly? It’s just one, but the one is enough to lure the crowd around it. 

You, too, can be minimalistic and own what you need to get your day on because little can sometimes be too much. For example, a rose is just one flower, yet it can melt the hearts of thousands of people with its appearance, aroma, and aura attached to it. No matter how many thorns are present, most will go for the former if asked to select between a rose and a wildflower. So be the one, be the rose, and let people focus not on your thorns but you. 

Plants Allow Their Struggles To Be More Vigorous

Do you know that desert plants are the strongest ones to thrive? Their harsh conditions and struggles make this creature challenging and adapt to the environment. Place a desert plant and your garden plant and deprive them of water. The Desert plant will still thrive, but your garden plant will not see the next light of the day. 

It’s the survival of the fittest in the harshest conditions. When tested against our comfort zones, we, too, tend to give up and lose the battle. However, we need to train our minds and body to survive any challenging conditions thrown at us. 

Plants Turn Towards The Sun

While there is a lot of stress around them, they do not focus on their predators, enemies, or the weeds depriving them of nutrition, but rather focus on the sun because they need the sun for growth. In some cultures, the sun is also regarded as a god or divine power that gives life to all the creatures in the world.

Here, we learn two important things from the plants: first, no matter how many competitors are against you or how many people want to put you down, you should focus on your career or your aim in life. Second, you may or may not be a holy person, but plants teach you to keep your faith in him if you believe in the divine. And if you are someone who doesn’t believe, plants teach you to be inspired by nature and have a close connection with it. 

The Bottom Line!

Look at plants deeply, and you will find hundreds of more lessons to learn from them. How lucky are we to be surrounded by such amazing creatures, isn’t it?