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What Your House Color Says About You

What’s the first thing that catches your eye and attention when you look at a house? The design, the front porch, the size, or the overall aesthetics? For a lot of people, it’s the color of the house that draws them to it. As it turns out, homes with certain colors also tend to sell faster than others because the color is believed to reflect an individual’s personality. In other words, your house color says a lot about you. It is important to note here that all of us interpret colors differently, and we have our preferences when it comes to the color of a house. So, two people might have varying interpretations about the same color of a house. To give you an idea, take a look at what your house color says about you.


Red is such a vibrant, powerful color, and it’s also a unique choice for house colors. This color is generally taken to indicate passion and love, so a red house best describes a driven person and has a yearning to take on the world. Red is also one of those colors that stimulate us physically, and it has the potential to raise the energy levels and the overall aesthetics of a room. Some people perceive red as demanding and aggressive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It’s an incredibly alive color, and a red house goes to depict your powerful, energetic personality.


We all know blue as one of those super calm and soothing colors, and it’s also a global favorite. You are likely to find many houses that have a blue theme, ranging across different shades of blue. A blue house color suggests that you seek harmony and have some of the most important personality traits: reliability, empathy, and sensitivity. The color red offers physical stimulation while blue affects us more mentally, and it also boosts concentration levels given how soothing it is. If your house is blue, or you find yourself leaning towards a house with a blue theme, you probably view it as that one place of calm and serenity in an otherwise noisy, busy, and hectic world.


Another unique choice, yellow, is the epitome of cheerfulness and joy! It is such a happy and vibrant color that radiates positivity and confidence! If you consider the psychological aspect of colors, yellow has to be the strongest of all. A yellow house suggests that you have a very sunny disposition, and you seek happiness and joy in everything. You also love sharing knowledge and have a readiness for learning new things and increasing your own knowledge. Overall, yellow has a great optimistic touch to it, but if you opt for this color for your house, you must choose the right shade because the wrong shade can seriously negatively affect your mood and spirits.


Like blue, green is also another global favorite when it comes to house colors. You are likely to come across many homes with green interiors, especially given their neutral, well-balanced color. Green represents a personality with characteristics like loyalty, affection, and straightforwardness. It also suggests that you are a practical person with a great work-life balance. Another essential feature about green is that it’s the ultimate color of nature, so one interpretation of it could also be that you are a true nature-lover. You live for the kind of peace and warmth that nature offers us.


Purple is considered an unconventional choice for house colors, and people with purple houses are believed to be super adventurous. It’s also a glamorous kind of color with great levels of elegance, which suggests that you are someone who yearns to be different and stand out. You have an eye for the highest quality things, and your personality is full of wit and individuality.


The humblest of all colors, brown, has to be one of the most common house colors, suggesting that you are incredibly down to earth and trustworthy and reliable. You are someone who doesn’t like extravagance, and being flashy is probably not your thing either. Brown is also a basic color that depicts how simple you are and has a modesty thing.


This has to be one of the most common house colors out there, but something unique about white. It’s such a soothing color, and when done right, it can really give an edge to the interior of your home. White is generally associated with innocence, purity, and a new beginning, as shown through white wedding dresses. So, a white house could mean that you look for new beginnings and love taking on new challenges in life. While white doesn’t offer mental or physical stimulation, it can surely help open the mind and give you a heightened perception of things. White can also mean that you are very organized in life, someone who has a thing for logic with little to zero clutter in your mind and home.

Colors Are a Representation of Personality

Colors are indeed a way to deduce different aspects of your personality, and your house color has a lot to say about you. However, these interpretations are not set in stone, for one color can hold many different meanings and can be looked at through many perspectives. For instance, the color black might be taken to mean a serious and a more mature personality, but for others, it could refer to a little sanctuary where a person looks for peace, comfort, and relaxation. So, if you happen to be wondering what your house color says about you, we hope this helps you determine different characteristics of your personality!