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Why Is My Central AC Not Blowing Cold Air

The temperature is skyrocketing; the worst thing is when you walk home and realize that your AC is not working. However, there are many reasons why your AC isn’t blowing cool air into your home. Also, there could be some complex problems as well that may require some professional help. In both cases, here are a few ways you can understand the problem and take the necessary measures. 

Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Power Issues 

This might sound so basic, but if you realize your AC has suddenly stopped blowing air, check whether it is plugged into the power outlet correctly. Air conditioners require large surges of power, and your unit might have blown a fuse or tripped a breaker.

Clogged Filter 

Some AC units have an in-built mechanism that automatically shuts down the unit if the filter clogs. This happens to prevent overheating and damage to the motor. However, it could also occur because the filter is preventing proper airflow. In both cases, either replace or clean your filter. 

Thermostat Settings 

More than often, your thermostat is the culprit behind the AC not working correctly. When the thermostat is at a higher threshold, it may not be turning on. For instance, when it is 68o F inside, your AC is at 68o F. In this case, you have to set the thermostat a few degrees cooler, and you’ll notice a change. Wait for some time, and don’t panic if you don’t see the results right away. 

If you still don’t see any results, the chances are that there is some internal wiring problem. In that case, it’s best to get professional help. 

Ac Problems Where You’ll Require Professional Help 

Refrigerant Level Low

The refrigerant in your AC is a liquid that absorbs the warmth from your house and cools it. If you hear a bubbling/hissing sound or see ice buildup on the outside unit or refrigerant line, your AC might leak. If you see such signs, turn off your AC and call a professional to take charge. 

Damaged Air Ducts 

The duct system in your attic transports conditioned and cleaned air into your home. However, when a duct is damaged, the hot air escapes makes its way to your home. This makes it look like your AC isn’t blowing cool air. If this is the case, call an HVAC technician and get an inspection. 

Dirty Compressor 

Your regular maintenance should include cleaning the area around the compressor and covering it for winter. Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris can build up, stopping the unit from properly working. While some homeowners do it on their own, calling professionals for this is the best option. This ensures that your AC gets proper maintenance and cleaning. Make sure you shut off the unit before beginning the work. 

Faulty Compressor 

A compressor is like the heart of your AC. It circulates the refrigerant inside and outside the unit. If your compressor is damaged, it would require replacing the outside unit, which can be very costly. So, it’s best to have a professionals help. 

Mechanical Problems 

Like all other appliances, AC units also experience minor wear and tear over time. So, if your AC is not blowing cold air, there may be some mechanical issues. After you’ve checked the power outlet, filter, and thermostat and still the problem persists, you should contact professionals to check the inner workings of your air conditioner. 

The Bottom Line

It can be frustrating when your AC is not performing well, especially when the temperature keeps rising. Now you know the most common causes behind your AC not working. If you can’t fix the problem, call the professionals to ensure proper maintenance.