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4 Mysterious Abandoned Mansions

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  • September 7, 2021September 16, 2021

Exploring abandoned places, houses, mansions, etc., make for the beginning plot of most horror movies. Rightly so, considering the strange and spooky feel they have. But, while it is still unclear if or not ghosts are real, the fact that mansions like these exist is very much so. There are thousands of abandoned homes across the U.S. alone, including lavish estates that now lie in ruins. All those mansions that were not demolished or restored by their new owners still stand tall in all their beautiful antiquated glory with stories behind their fate. Read on to the end to explore four such amazing abandoned mansions across the world. 

Casa Sperimentale

Casa Sperimentale is nothing like an image the word “mansion” would draw in a person’s mind. It is instead a beautiful and captivating cluster of geometric shapes that are in the treetops. This abandoned treehouse with brutalist architecture is in Fergene, Italy (a coastal town outside Rome). 

As for its history, Casa Sperimentale was built by Giuseppe Perugini, Uga De Plaisant (his wife), and Raynaldo Perugini (their son), in the late 1960s. It was built as both a holiday home and an experiment at the time to see if this brutalist structure was livable or not. But what truly separates and isolates it from the outside world is how it is only accessible through a drawbridge staircase. The current state of the Casa Sperimentale remains brief and unknown. The major theories state that the structure simply fell into the gloom once its owners died. 

Villa de Vecchi

One of the most spooky and eerie on the list is Villa de Vecchi, situated near Lake Como, Italy. It is also infamously known as “House of Witches” and is known to be built around 1854-1857 as a summer house for Count Felix De Vecchi. Unfortunately, the house has been a hotspot of tragedy ever since it was built. Therefore, the family only ever lived in the house for a couple of years. 

To begin with, the architect of the house died only a year after the construction. Followed by the 1862 tragedy with the family where Count De Vecchi came home one day to discover that his wife was murdered and his daughter was missing. He, too, died by suicide after a year after his search for his daughter failed. Count’s brother and his family then moved to the house and continued living there until World War II. After which, the house has remained abandoned till this date, not to mention how an avalanche destroyed every other house in the area but failed to wipe Villa de Vecchi out. 

Ha Ha Tonka Mansion 

Though Ha Ha Tonka was supposed to be a mansion, it is nothing but ruins deep in Missouri’s Ozarks. The striking name “Ha Ha Tonka” is claimed to mean “smiling waters” and is inspired by the natural springs on the property. 

Robert Snyder, a wealthy businessman, bought this beautiful and expensive property right after his first visit there in 1903. And his dream project of a European-styled castle went under construction two years later. Unfortunately, however, soon after, Robert died in a car crash, even before the construction was completed. 

His sons completed the construction in 1920. The family used the mansion as their summer home until the 1930s. One of Snyder’s sons also lived there until he ran out of money because of multiple land-rights lawsuits. Eventually, he was shunned from the property. After which, the mansion functioned as a resort, but not for long, when a fire destroyed the castle in 1942. However, again the state bought rights to the property 35 years later and opened it to the public in 1978.

Lui Family Mansion

Lui Family Mansion, or infamously known as the Minxiong Ghost House, is a Baroque-style house built-in 1929. However, after the entire family abruptly fled, this beautiful Taiwanese countryside home has been abandoned ever since. The reason behind the family leaving the place has garnered all kinds of mysterious theories and lore.

A major rumor was that the employer, Liu Rong-yu, was having an affair with one of the family’s maids, which when went public forced the maid into suicide by jumping down the well. A couple of years later, when the Kuomintang of China (KMT) members occupied the property, many were also thought to have died by suicide, strengthening the already ongoing rumor and a bad reputation. However, the truth remains untold decades after the incident.


The world is small, but it is enough to have some secrets, stories, and places hidden. The truth behind these and many other abandoned and undisclosed mansions are still a mystery that does not necessarily have to do with ghosts. Nevertheless, these are spooky enough to keep people scared and away. However, since many of these places are also open for tourists, visiting them might bring you closer to what happened.