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10 Best Stone Firepits

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An outdoor fire pit to your patio or backyard makes it your go-to place. You will gravitate to the fire pit as evening dawns upon as moths to a flame. Enjoy roasting marshmallows and relax. This article gives you ten stone fire pit ideas and ways to complement your surroundings. Take a look. 

Desert Modern 

If you’re looking for an authentic and classic fire pit design with stones in a circle, here’s one. Charles DuBois designed it in 1958. Another outdoor fire pit of the Desert Modern style was created in La Vie en Rose by Christopher Kennedy. 

Planned in the Mid Century, the fireplace style has antique roots, but the current owners have perfect outdoor space. As a result, their living space is enhanced. This fantastic stone fire pit is simple, low, and considerate of desert landscapes. Beautiful sunsets and skies add life to your Desert Modern. 

Rectangular Pit

Ted Carter Inspired landscapes of Maine are dexterous in constructing rectangular granite patterns. The outdoor space and fire pit (wood-burning) are enamoring. Many stonemasons and builders describe stones according to their trade names, shapes, geological types. 

The kind of landscaping and construction of stones determines if they are helpful for a weather-resistant fire pit. A specific kind of igneous rock is granite. Granite is sold in ashlar, blocks, pavers, steps, rubble, stones, and crushed rocks.

Bosie Outdoor Living

If you have a place with a vast open sky and lots of land, this outdoor fire pit is for you. Also, set up a fire pit table and relish the breathtaking view. A large home is designed on a mountain in Boise. J. Truex Architecture planned and created this fire pit with a steel ring and paver blocks.

Boulders and stone pillars are all around the landscape. Moreover, to match the house proportions, a paver patio is perfect. You can also set up a cooking grate for barbecuing and roasting marshmallows. 

Fire Pit Zone

Paradise Restored created a brand new outdoor space for a home in Portland. New, it isn’t, so they call their place newish. This designer-build landscape firm began from scratch and introduced various zones for activities.

Apart from the paths and pavings, they assembled a cozy rust-resistant outdoor fire pit. It is generally set up in the yard’s corner. There’s a private spa, planting beds, and an outdoor kitchen. But, of course, one can set a solo stove to cook hot dogs and other delights. 

Wood chairs encircle the stone fire pit. The latter is adjusted over a stone patio. Place a fire pit table, small chairs, and drinks to enjoy a comfortable evening.  

Designer’s Own

There’s a home in San Francisco which the designers themselves own. In the Fault Home, the stone fire pit was already in place. So, they just had to replace the inner lava rocks with amber rock glasses. 

Then, being designers, they had to add their creative touch to the outdoor space. Perhaps these experts noticed the heavy nearby cabana and decided to build trellises around the fire pit. The final process was to burn wood, tools like fire poker, and a lavish dinner. 

Craftsman With Fire Pit

If you offer a look at an unfilled stone fire pit, you can understand all the project takes. The round pit features mortar and a flagstone veneer since it’s built with bricks. Then, it’s edged and capped with level flagstone. 

A portable fire pit, on the other hand, is created differently. It is made of stainless steel or copper instead of mortar and bricks. So, you can quickly relocate and transport. 

DRS Lawn and Landscape designed this particular outdoor fire pit project for a New York craftsman-style house. You can surround this setting with chairs, set a cooking grate for roasting marshmallows, and maybe get together with friends. 

Water And Fire

If a seating wall (half-circle) is created with the stone fire pit, chilly evenings turn enjoyable. This outdoor space system is present in a Warren Township home. Parker Homescape designed the fire bowl and wall. 

Further, they are manufactured using stone veneer with masonry. Finally, all the placement is done on a random pattern, cleft bluestone patio. Moss rock and Delaware river boulder built a pondless water feature adjacent to it. The nights are mesmerized by LED lighting, fire poker, seating, and delicious meals.

Camp-Style Fire Pit

For a hillside Seattle home, designer Gertrude Jekyll is an inspiration. Kim Rooney Landscape renovated it and included stone walls, gravel paths, a bluestone patio, and a perennial garden. 

The homeowner also wanted a private garden since it’s in Seattle’s Magnolia. He wanted to make it a space for an informal gathering. So, behind a Maple tree, the stone fire pit was placed. You can get the stunning Puget Sound view along even if the pit is located four steps below the patio area. 

The designer used a Montana ledge stone fire pit and wood-burning steel log to achieve a campground style. Everything over a stunning pea gravel ground. 

Granite Stone Veneer

Building a gas fire pit with a bluestone cap and an American granite stone veneer is trending. It is perfect for a chilly Chicago evening to warm things up. The outdoor space lets homeowners enjoy the outsider areas and hang out together. Kemora Landscapes made it happen. 

Other stunning designs by Kemora include a dining space, an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and a future basketball court. The fire pit is, by the way, filled with amber fire glass.

Blue Ridge Patio

A stately English manor is atop a hill that overlooks Lake Keowee and the Blue Bridge Mountains. It features a bluestone patio that is entirely covered with stone. In addition, there is a built-in, round, heat-resistant fire pit. Studio ID (South Carolina) designed the interiors for this view estate. 


Building a fire pit should not take much. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can create a fire pit and have comfortable evenings. Although portable fire pits are a good idea, making a stone fireplace is better for the outdoors. You may consult a professional to install a fire pit on an existing patio. While locating a wood-burning fire pit, consider flammability and materials, and relish!