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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Squeaky Doors

As a house owner, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a squeaky door at some point. As you frequently open and close the door, that familiar, irritating squeak can only come from squeaky door hinges. This annoying problem is usually caused by the door hinges rubbing with each other. It happens to everyone – you hear it one day, and it’s all you can think about the next.  Fortunately, you can fix squeaky hinges in just a few simple steps. Also, this way, you will save money by not having to call a professional when you know how to fix them yourself. So, to make it easier for you, here’s how to fix squeaky door hinges using a few easy techniques.


Apply Lubricant 

You can remove the door’s joints and lubricate them with the best lubricant for door hinges for a very simple solution. If the joints are rusted, use steel wool to remove them first. However, make sure you’re very careful while doing this, or you might injure yourself in the process. It is possible to repair a squeaking door without removing the joints. You can do this by first applying lubricating oil to the door, which you can do by spraying the oil into the door. Next, apply a silicon-based spray that you can get at the store. This is the initial step in repairing your noisy door. As an alternative, many people use cooking oil. Next, with the help of a hammer and a nail punch, remove the door joint pins. Then, with a screwdriver, loosen the pins and pull them out.

Check The Frame Of The Door

When looking for the source of a squeaking door, it’s easy to overlook the frame itself. If the hinges have shifted or the door is pulled away from the frame, it could be rubbing against the frame. As a result, the wood is causing the squeaks. Examine the door’s perimeter for any misalignments or areas where the door and frame appear to be colliding. Quickly open and close the door to see if there is a collision as it might reveal whether this is the problem. If that’s the case, carefully balance the door back into place. You might need someone to assist you by holding the door upright while you adjust or, if necessary, replace the hinges. Also, check if the collision is due to damage to the door’s outer edge. You may require sanding down the area. 

Coat The Hinge Pins With Wax

The petroleum-based wax in paraffin candles can also help to quiet the metal hinges. First, remove the hinge pins with a candle to soften the wax, then cover them with the melted wax (carefully, so you don’t burn yourself). Next, replace the hinge pins and check for squeaks. If the door still squeaks when you open and close it, repeat the process until the squeak is gone.

Remove Dirt And Rust Using Steel Wool

Another possibility behind the squeaking doors could be that your hinge pins are too dirty to allow the door to close properly. If that’s the case, your lubricant won’t be enough to solve the problem—you’ll need to start with a thorough cleaning. First, remove the hinge pins and scrub them with a steel wool pad to remove dirt and dust. Then apply a lubricant to the hinges, such as one of the two household substitutes mentioned earlier. To test, reinstall the hinges and swing the door open and closed a few times. Have you heard that? No, you didn’t because there’s more squeaking.

Fix Squeaky Door Hinges With Soap

Soap is another effective solution that comes in handy while talking about squeaky door fixes. However, for this method, avoid soaps with glycerine because such soaps can attract moisture to the hinges, which can cause them to rust. Instead, take any soap and cover the hinges with the bar soap. This way, your door hinges will have minimal friction, and they will remain noiseless. 

Wrapping Up

Learning how to repair squeaky door hinges is valuable for any homeowner. Aside from fixing your door hinges that are squeaking, knowing the process will save you money hiring a professional. Each of the methods mentioned above is effective and works for many homeowners.