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8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Smell Great

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Everyone wants a bathroom that is fresh and smells great 24/7. For keeping the bathroom clean and always smelling fresh, there is one common point: consistency. Bathrooms can be a task that everyone around the house keeps passing on to everyone; it is the easiest place to clean. You can use some tricks and hacks to keep it non-smelly for days until you finally decide who will clean next. 

Make Sure That The Towels Are Dry

Hanging towels that are still dripping wet (or even moist) can cause a smell in the bathroom. Try to avoid any humidity in the bathroom, whether clothes or towels, dry them out immediately in the sun after its use. Or just spread and dry out the towel on the hanger and open the bathroom door, so it’s not humid there. Plus, it’s essential to wash the towel often as the smell might develop after some time. After washing, dry them out in the sun and store them in the cabinet of the bathroom. 

Extract Some Of The Benefits From Lemon 

A lemon can be your best buddy if you want to eliminate foul odors. It is one of the most powerful organic cleansers. The reason behind the pleasant smell and its cleaning properties is citric acid. The proper method to clean the bathroom with the help of lemon is by rubbing it on the dirty area. Other than that, it leads to a fantastic smell, which would keep you fresh throughout the day. The best thing about citric acid is that it is long-lasting. So the recommended suggestion is that you can use lemon once a month to keep your bathroom fresh. 

Aromatize With The Help Of Oils 

The aroma oils are among the most classy and useful allies when it comes to bad odor. All you have to do is, soak a cotton ball into the oil and place it at a spot where the aroma gets spread out in every direction of the bathroom. For instance, you can keep one in the basket where you put your dirty clothes, the mug where you keep your toothbrushes, below toilet paper, or near the toilet. 

Depend On Baking Soda 

Baking soda is another product on which we can trust. It is already famous for removing the dirtiest and strongest smells. Take a mix of water and baking soda and apply it to the surface of your toilet and scrub it with the help of a brush and then wait for some time before pouring some more water on it to wash it away. 

Purchase A Brush And Make It A “Perfume Brush.”

Even after the beliefs of many people, toilet brushes will not be smelly forever. This is a secret and productive trick that hotels use so that they can scent their bathrooms. No doubt, you are reading it correctly. They spray perfume on the toilet brush. After you clean the toilet bowl, wash it and add some drops of the essential oil to leave a pleasant smell. 

Purchase Aromatic Soaps 

A crucial thing that you should opt for when you buy bathroom scents is your choice of soaps. Based on your preferences, you might want a soap with no smell or a bar of soap with a mixture of different smells. In either of the cases, the scent of the soap will undoubtedly impact the original scent of the room. So, placing them in the bathroom will have a significant effect on your bathroom. So, if you want your bathroom to smell great, then you must opt for scented soaps. Specifically, it is going to be open in the bathroom, like on the sink. 

Make Freshener At Home

These days, making fresheners at home is now a trend that many people like to follow because it is pocket-friendly and productive. The process of making a DIY freshener at home is pretty simple; all you require is a glass bottle of water, alcohol, a stick, and the essential oils. You can use any oils you like or pick from the list below.

    • Tea Tree
    • Lavender 
    • Lemongrass 
    • Peppermint 
    • Eucalyptus 
    • Sweet Orange

Open The Windows And Ventilate Your Room Daily

It is pretty necessary to open up the windows and let the air in to add everything up. If you open the windows, the bad odor will flow out of the room. You must open the windows daily for a minimum of 15 minutes, which according to the experts, is enough to let the fresh air in and the bad odor flow out. 


You can use these hacks for any room, not just your bathroom. They are all simple, easy ideas that will leave your room smelling fresh and beautiful. Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh can be a challenge, but luckily essential oils can do wonders. Try out the hacks above today!