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Cleverly Hidden Storage Ideas

Everyone loves the idea of having storage spaces that do not clutter the room and which cannot be visible easily. If you properly store your items, it is easy to keep the room open, accessible, and spacious. If you are searching for a guide or ideas to help you increase your hidden storage space, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with innovative ideas that will help you cleverly design hidden storage spaces. Let’s get started.


Hidden Storage For Recipe Books

The one place where a lack of storage area can be annoying is your kitchen. However, there is an effective solution to your problems. You can make use of your kitchen island to create a hidden storage cabinet or secret compartment. The columns have hollow spaces that can also be a cabinet. Any extra cabinet or shelf space can be for books or recipes. 

Coffee Table

Every household should have a coffee table or a teapot table as it enhances the room’s appearance. In addition to that, having a coffee table allows having an increased space at your home to store things and keep the room decluttered. Experts in furniture and storage systems have designed aesthetically pleasing coffee tables with space to store hidden items. 

Store Cluttered Keys

Are you frustrated looking at your cluttered keys in front of your eyes? If you are looking for ways to maintain a cluttered-free appearance in your home, then you are in the right place. Try buying a hanging key organizer, or even create one of your own. The best key organizer has some type of door so that the keys are not visible, and it would also be an excellent place for you to leave your wallet. 

Effective Use Of The Bathroom Mirror

There are many dead spaces in the bathroom, but you can create more storage space with some work. For instance, one can make a cabinet in unused space. Furthermore, the cabinet door can have a long mirror for vanity purposes. You can also use the cabinet to store medicines, grooming kits, shampoos, soap, toothbrushes, and more. Hanging shelves on the wall is always a more modern option as well. 

Utilizing Spaces Besides Kitchen Appliances 

Hanging cooking utensils is a great way to save space and get rid of cluttered drawers. It is also essential to try and combine cabinets and drawers to open up more space for new items. For your safety, always make sure to put heavier appliances in cabinets that are easy to reach. 

Space Under The Bed

Specific bed designs have a lot of space underneath. However, there are various bed designs in the market that allow storage space under the bed. Some beds have an easy access area underneath by including deep drawers. You will be surprised to see the volume of things that you can fit under your bed.


Therefore, there are many possibilities of transforming certain areas of your home into a hidden space and allowing you to increase your storage volume. Take advantage of the tips above to make storing things in your house easy. Many houses benefit from extra furniture with drawers and space underneath bed sets.