Are Smart Lights Worth It?

Smart lights are great, and they also provide you the ability to customize and bring peace to your home. Some homeowners are so fond of smart lights, and also, they add value to your home. But let us know about smart lightning and why they are worth it? This question might come to your mind: why exactly do you need smart lighting? Will it make your home look like heaven? Will it save energy? There are so many questions that you will find the answer to.

Reasons Why Smart Lights Are Worth It?

  1. It saves energy
  2. Suitable for setting up the mood
  3. Provides security
  4. Voice-controlled
  5. It saves money and time

It Saves Energy

Smart lighting uses smart bulbs that are specifically for saving energy. The energy used by LED bulbs saves up to 75%, and they are better than the traditional incandescent bulbs. Also, they are environmentally friendly and affordable. The best part is you can control it from your voice and also from your smartphone. It is a great idea because when you are tired and don’t want to get up from the bed, you can log into your smartphone and command it to turn them off. 

Good For Setting The Mood

Too many lights are also not good and can be a great mood spoiler, and they can ruin your romantic date night or a movie that you enjoy with your loved ones. Smart lights are customizable, and you can change them with the help of your smartphone, make them dim so that you can enjoy your dinner and a movie with your loved one and relax with them. Some smart, colorful bulbs are available in the market, and they are perfect for occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays. 

Provides Security

Burglars find chances when no one is at home and the place is dark to make a robbery. This is one of the indicators that you need to be careful of. With smart lighting, you can customize and add security lighting when you are not at home. This will keep your house safe, and it will also look natural rather than keeping the same lights on for the whole day. You can also set rules for the lights when you are traveling to look like your house is not alone, and you also don’t have to worry about it.

Smart Lights Are Voice-Controlled

Smart lights have activated speakers inbuilt, like Google Assistance and Alexa. So, if you’re too lazy to get up from the bed and you need to turn off the lights, then you can tell Google Assistant or Alexa to turn the lights on and off for you. 

Save Time And Energy

Smart lights significantly use less energy than other ordinary lights, and also they don’t need to be replaced often, helping you save energy, time, and money. There are various factors on which energy and time depend. For example, if you leave incandescent bulbs on for eight hours a day, then there will be lots of energy wasted. However, 20 LED bulbs save up to $321 per year. Keeping this factor aside and considering the time factor, the LED bulbs can last longer than incandescent bulbs. The LED bulbs last for ten years on average. 


There are so many benefits of using smart lights. They save money, time, and energy and come with many beneficial features, such as voice control and color changing and dimming abilities. In addition, the smart bulbs come with different yet interesting features like safety and convenience, and they will make your home a smarter place. The smart lights market will light up your world, and its market will grow in recent years as they come in different shapes and sizes.