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Bad Housekeeping Habits You Should Avoid

Everyone experiences lazy and busy days, which might have caused you to develop some pretty bad habits over time. Sometimes we don’t even notice that we have picked up on a bad habit for years. Avoiding bad habits is something every individual strikes for in their lifetime. Good practices usually involve eating healthier, performing daily exercises, and spreading kindness. 

Unfortunately, we forget that our home needs some care and attention. Instead of letting things sit around or putting off your daily chores, it’s high time to avoid these lousy and bad household habits affecting your home. Listed below are some of the bad habits you should start avoiding from today. 

 Bad Household Habits To Avoid

Neglecting To Clean Door Handles

It is effortless to forget the dirtiest area of our homes. We are used to sweeping the floor, cleaning showers and toilets, and washing hands all the time. Just imagine all those hands that touch your door handles. All the visitors and strangers who visit your home, you have no idea where their hands might have been. So, to altogether avoid contaminating the rest of your house, start cleaning your door handles regularly. You can make use of bleach wipes or a disinfectant spray to get your job done. 

Leaving Your Pet Bowls Lying Around

Sometimes pets may be too picky to eat their meal right away. Some parents prefer to eat their food in small amounts throughout the day. If your pet slowly eats all day, your house is gradually becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The best solution to avoid this situation is to keep your dog’s bowl in the fridge. Make sure you wash your pet’s bowl after every meal with water and diluted bleach solution at least once a week and remember to pick up small crumbs and kibble fallen on the floor.  

Neglecting To Clean Stove Top Knobs

Having a messy kitchen is quite common, which can make your stovetop get dirty and sticky very quickly. Some of us may forget that stovetop knobs can get filthy and sticky as well, and they are one of the most neglected parts of the gas stove. Cross-contamination can occur, especially in commonly touched areas. The best way to avoid breathing bacteria on your gas stove is to remove the knobs and clean them with dish soap and hot water.  

Making Use Of One Cutting Board In Food Preparation

While you are preparing your daily meals, whether chopping vegetables or cutting chicken pieces, hygiene is essential. That is why every chef in the world washes their hands and utensils first before getting to work. By doing this, they are reducing the chances of viruses and bacteria entering their food. Make sure you have different chopping boards for vegetables and various types of meat. Every kind of meat leaks juice, and if you’re cutting it on a chopping board, then the juices will be all over it. So, consider using separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables.  

Using A Sponge Longer Than Necessary

Sponges are the best tool for scrubbing your microwave after a food explosion or for cleaning your dishes. Many sponges have two sides: the hard one is cleaning stubborn food marks, whereas the softer side is for soap or suds. However, with all the benefits that a sponge provides, it can also cause your family to get sick if you are not careful as they are absorbent and around water, making them perfect for mold breeding. The best way to avoid such situations is to purchase sponges in bulk and immediately replace them after a week. Another way to keep your sponge from spreading bacteria throughout your home is to soak it in a water bleach solution and place it in the microwave for 1 minute at a high temperature. 


Avoiding bad housekeeping habits can bring more happiness and cleanliness to your home. So, start by avoiding these habits from today and eliminate them from your life. Next time you clean or do household chores, make sure to think of these items to keep your house bacteria and germ-free.