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Green Oasis: The Finest Indoor Plants for a Lush Home

For all the plant lovers out there, I’m sure you might have thought of having your very own garden or a nursery where you could nurture plants and flowers of your choice. With so much infrastructural development around us, we might find it challenging to make some space to grow plants outdoors. For those in the rural areas, it may sound simple. But a majority of us reside in urban areas; our home is the only happy place for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Plants are not just beautiful living things. Gaze at them deeply, and you will understand there’s more than just beauty and aesthetics. In recent times, fascinating interior designs, including hanging plants, strings of leafy vines, spiky succulents, and even dwarf trees, are a part of homes. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can live for decades without much attention. It is an excellent medicinal plant, a relaxing succulent, and you do not need to water it regularly. Plant it in a cactus soil mix or soil, including building sand. Being a type of cactus, it cannot hold a lot of water, and hence you need to pierce holes into the pot. Mainly they do not require many fertilizers, but you can use phosphorus annually. Their growth is faster in sunlight as compared to indoors. They grow in arid climates, and even if you reside indoors, make sure to place them near a south-facing window for better exposure to the sun.

Snake Plant

Well, do not be afraid of the name. It doesn’t include our reptile mates! The snake plant is a well-known houseplant with green banded leaves, and some follow a yellow border. Research has demonstrated that it can remove pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Mostly a houseplant in colder regions requires low light conditions. They grow well in sandy, well-drained pot soil. If your pet is in the house and tends to consume a few bits, it can cause allergic reactions. 

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is the most attractive plant that people décor their interiors with lavish-looking Instagram posts. Being easy to plant, it can tolerate low levels of light and doesn’t need watering every day. It grows at a moderate rate and needs natural bright light. You can re-pot it once a year at the beginning of the spring. Remember, it can be toxic to your pets at home and hence needs to be kept away from them. 

Fiddle- Leaf Figs

It gets its unique name from Fiddles-like leaves and squeamish veins. Given proper care, they can grow up to 6 feet in your home. Younger ones can grow in small pots, while most serve as floor plants. They require lots of bright light, while room-temperature water can work best. This plant requires a humid climate and is sensitive to drafts. 

Peaceful Lily

A peaceful lily stands out in the crowd because of its eye-catching appearance. It is said to be a low-maintenance plant as it thrives even if you forget to water it. Did you know it could survive without sunlight? Just expose it to bright indoor light, and it will be grown along with glossy green leaves and white bracts. One of its unique benefits is to remove molds from the air. Hence, you should invest in planting one. 

Spider Plant 

This plant produces bands of long, thin concrete green and spiky white leaves. It gets its name from the tiny flowers they make during summers that resemble spiders. It needs indirect, bright, to moderate light. Spider plants need to be watered occasionally. They grow best at temperatures between 13 to 27 degrees Celsius and are considered one of the best indoor plants. 

Aspergillus Fern

This graceful fern has an elongated wired stem with a frond-like spray growing outwards. It requires bright indirect sunlight with average room temperature. Due to their bushy nature, they will need trimming and pruning routinely. It needs a bit of supervision; make sure to water it every day and re-pot it annually. 

English Ivy 

With its stunning design, English ivy is eye-catching at first glance. When you stare at its symmetrical leaves falling out of the hanging pot, it resembles a painting that intrigues us every time. It can grow horizontally as well as vertically. With a bright light, its variegated leaves become more and more striking and dazzling. Remember, it can captivate the entire area and hence should be cared for with diligence. 

Calathea Plant

Being famous as an indoor décor plant in offices, it needs negligible maintenance. Requiring lower bright light, they have astonishing flared broad leaves that require moist soil with adequate water. They prefer the tropical climate; their curled brown leaves can note an increase or decrease in the temperature. Also, they are easy to get plants that do not require pruning at all. By supporting them with the proper water, humidity, and indoor temperature, you can nurture them well. 

Kalanchoe Plant

This pretty little bunch of plants with white flowers are soothing to the eye. It needs abundant sunlight with well-drained soil. Requiring a lot of bright sunlight, it grows admirably well in pot soil mixed with cactus or perlite soil. With minimal water requirements, it thrives in temperatures between 55-to-80-degree Fahrenheit. It is not fussy with humidity and does not have any air requirements. 

The Benefits Of Indoor Plants Are Numerous

Breathe In Fresh Air

It is school-level knowledge; we have studied plants’ cycle, giving out oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide during the day. Research says plants can captivate the atmospheric toxins or pollutants in the air and refresh the air circulating around you. So, this is the best way to feed your lungs with clean air and boost your respiratory health. 

Peace Of Mind

Plants can absorb unwanted noise, maintain humidity, and moderate room temperature well. With a controlled external environment, our mental health, too, gets in a steady state. Ponder on the feeling that you would experience. There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Similarly, we can’t build a forest, but we can create a similar environment for ourselves. 

Boost Confidence 

Planting is not the only step. It would help if you went beyond nurturing and maintaining good health, size, and shape. In the process, we tend to take authority over our plants and their well-being. Just like a parent, we, too, feel fruitful when we see them blossom at their fullest. This attitude helps us boost confidence and be ready to take on challenges. 

Less Stress

While you’re busy planting, cleaning, and decorating, you tend to forget about all your not-so-friendly thoughts and stressful situations. You might feel stressed with work, but this gives you a window to forget about all your to-do-list and spend some time with yourself as well. 

Increase Productivity

Now, there is a lot of planning and execution that goes in while you try to maintain a homely environment with plants included. Having something else to take care of can help break up your day or introduce more healthy habits into your lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts

With the hype around the ‘Grow It Yourself’ movement, there is an increase in gardening affiliate programs. You could ponder on the lists of editorially chosen products and purchase instantly.