House Items You Have Been Cleaning Wrong

Do you ever wonder that the things you have seen your parents do and you also do it the same way after learning from them, what if your parents have been doing it the wrong way and now you are doing it the wrong way too, don’t you want to undo your improper habits? Believe it or not, even neat freaks make critical cleaning mistakes and realize the error later, so there is hardly any doubt that you have been doing your household chores wrongly.

Streak-Free Mirror Secrets

People become a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning mirrors spattering so much of cleaning spray and then cleaning it with the tough hand; you are doing it all wrong the secret to a streak-free mirror is using small scale amount of liquid; Spraying lightly at the corner bottom of the mirror and then wiping in the uphill direction, try to use a microfiber cloth; that small amount of moisture would do your work.

Another wrong mirror cleaning trick is cleaning the mirror after switching on the light spot are far more visible when the lights are switched off, so switch off the lights before you start cleaning, and not only just mirrors but cleaning and dusting should be done with lights off.

Using Wrong Cleaners

Just because it is labeled for stainless steel does not mean that it is the best product for you to use in the market; fancy cleaners only compound the problem; the best you can do is wash it off with slightly hot, mild water and then keep going forward with a microfiber cloth.

Nevertheless, you are now cleaning you home more than before for which the particular reason will be coronavirus; well which is a good chance for cleaning horse thoroughly f you are using a good cleaner and a good cleaner depends on the surface you are using it such as using a robust acidic cleansing agent on stone countertops which are porous damages the surface over time; for daily cleaning, you should use one teaspoon of dish soap mixed with two cups of water. 

Another cleaner problem is moping all the floors with the same one mentioned before; different surfaces need different treatment. The wooden floor needs more water than laminated floors; try to keep this tip in mind, or the mistake would damage your flooring.

Wonders Of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can do wonders if you know how to use them properly, but you must be petty mistakes that increase your work, like using only one attachment when it comes with a handful of them; every accessory has its purpose, and if you are using just one then you are causing harm to the machine by limiting it,

Another possible mistake you have been making is moving the vacuum too quickly, slow and steady is always the best option because surfaces that are intact, like carpets, take time to release the dust; another essential thing to try is moving your vacuum back and forth as moving the vacuum in only one direction is leaving out a significant amount of debris.

The most common problem people tend to do is dusting after vacuuming; that’s not the right way dusting should be done first, and vacuum afterward if you do dusting first, you are just flying around dust in your freshly vacuumed floor.

Cloth Problems

The most cautious you should be is with your clothes as they come in direct contact with your skin and may make you sick, The most important thing you should care about is leaving the wet clothes in the washing machine as it may catch bacteria and germs; try to take them out for drying just after it is washed.


These are some chores that you might be doing wrong, though; there are a handful of corrections to be done, but for now, these might help you.