Best Lawn Care Products You Should Have This Spring

Managing a lawn can be a bit intimidating, especially for those who have recently shifted from apartments to houses. Not everyone likes to get their hands dirty (with the mud, of course), but it is crucial to maintain a proper lawn whether you plan to add a flower bed or vegetable patch, but a trimmed lawn is essential. 

Every homeowner pays massive attention to the minute details of the interior of his house. Similarly, you should give equal attention to the exteriors, and that is your lawn area.  Understandably, not everyone is interested in doing lawn chores, but these chores might be fun with the right equipment. Plus, maintaining a proper lawn is very important. Long grasses and heaps of leaves can attract many insects, snakes, etc., which is why mowing your lawn is pretty essential. The below-mentioned list has all equipment that is basic for lawn care. So if you are new to lawn care, you might want to take a look at this list. 

1.   Lawnmower

The most basic of all lawn care equipment is a standard lawnmower. Even if you decide to hire someone else to do the cutting, you will want to have this tool at hand in an emergency. For instance, if someone is visiting and your lawn is all unkempt, you don’t want to leave a bad impression. So quickly get yourself a lawnmower.

2.   String trimmer

This piece of equipment is for those hard-to-reach spots. Spots where your mower cannot reach, like around the tree trunk, etc. You can also use it as an edger, turn it to the sides, and voila!

3.   Leaf rake

How are you planning to tackle the fall? A leaf rake will be more than enough to deal with the fall season and to keep your lawn clean and tidy. However, that nowhere means you cannot go for a two-in-one blower-mulcher combo as an option to tackle your chores. 

4.   Soil rake

A soil rake is firmer than a leaf rake. If you have a bumpy plain, you might want to use a soil rake to even out the ground. You can also use it to work around with mulch and to groom a gravel drive.

5.   Spreader

With the right equipment, all jobs can be fun. If you have a small lawn area, you might not need to have this tool; however, if you have a considerably bigger lawn, a spreader is a must. Investing in a small hand-held or a wheeled spreader to dispense seeds, fertilizer, etc., will be very good for your lawn care. Plus, it will help you increase your lawn appeal without doing any strenuous activity.

6.   Snow shovel

If you reside in an area where the winters tend to get a bit snowy, a snow shovel is a must-have. If, however, you live in a warmer place where snow is a no show, you can quickly skip this option, although a snow shovel does make for an excellent outdoor dustpan to help you with a project cleanup. 

7.   Long-handled spade shovel

A long-handle spade shovel is a must. It is essential equipment to move a shrub, plant trees easily, and it also helps in digging holes which will be a task if you are planning to plant some trees.

8.   Soil knife

A soil knife is very versatile equipment and avoids needing a bucket full of handheld tools while gardening. You can use it to dig, transplant a sapling, design a container garden, or dig up the weeds. It can also easily access the nooks and corners which the other tools cannot reach. 

9.   Hand pruner

Ever wanted to have those various shaped decorative shrubs you see in the movies or your neighbor’s lawn? Well, if you want those you need to buy a hand pruner. These small pruners are the tool that will help shape and care for your decorative shrubs and flowers. 

10.   Double-hand hoe

Who doesn’t love a multifunction tool? The double-hand hoe serves as a digger at one side and a hoe at the other. It helps in loosening the soil when working on soil beds, easily hacks large weeds, etc.

11.   Looper

Just as a pruner helps with bushes and flowers, a looper helps with tree branches. The extended handles and sharp blades will easily cut tree branches to keep them controlled. So if you have a neighbor that is complaining about the extended tree branch, you might give your brand new looper a whirl.

12.   Hedge shear

Unkempt hedges, however natural, do not have a curb appeal. This lawn care essential will help keep your hedges under control to increase your curb appeal. 

13.   Hose

Just like a mower, a hose is a basic necessity. Hoses these days come with a variety of attachments. For flower beds and veggie beds, add a spray nozzle attachment, and if necessary, you can also spend a few bucks on a sprinkler. Apart from this, you can always let the kids have a fun afternoon running through it on a sunny day.


There you have it 13 must-have lawn care equipment. The right equipment never fails to make your chores much easier. From lawnmowers to hedge shears, this list covers all the essentials one must have to keep your lawn presentable and tidy. Remember, if you have a lawn, you have to have these.




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