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How To Renovate Your Home On Wheels


Decorating is not the strongest suit of most people, which is why it is safe to say that most of you are looking for easy ways to remodel and renovate your house on wheels. With a little effort, time, and money, you will be able to transform your fifth wheel into your home.

If you have a used camper, you might be worried about the amount of work it would require but do not worry. Those with a brand new camper would also have to put in a similar amount of effort and time. There are tons of DIY tutorials available on the web; however, most of them end up being a complete disaster. If your camper has good flooring and cabinets, your work is instantly reduced by half. A little TLC never hurts anybody. With a few changes here and there, you will be able to transform your plain camper into a home. These updates and changes will be simple enough and will not take a ton of your time. This way, you can quickly make the changes and hit the road in a week.

New Furniture

Most often, old RVs come with old furniture. Depending upon the previous owner and the amount of use, you’re most likely to find that the original furniture has stains, tears, and maybe even some fading. Worst case scenario, a horrible floral fabric in the sofa, no amount of throw pillows and sofa covers can fix that. There might be some furniture items that will be too heavy and not that useful. You should avoid heavy furniture items since they add exponentially to the weight limit. Invest in lightweight furniture. Multifunctional furniture items are the best way to save space as well as create extra storage space.

Get Rid Of Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Floral patterns are no longer the trend, so if your RV has any floral items, you might want to get rid of them unless you like them way too much. Your wallpaper is the eye-catcher which is why it has to be good. Invest in a wallpaper you like, something that makes you feel at home, and tear down your old wallpaper.

The Windows And The Curtains

Another key feature of a house is the windows and the curtains, so make sure you pay special attention to your RV windows. You can pull the balances up or down as per your choosing. Use curtains of your choice. It might also be wise to use blackout curtains in the bedroom to add darkness, which is essential for optimal sleep conditions.

Renovate Kitchen Area

Sometimes even the slightest change can make the real difference. If your RV has an actual kitchen table instead of the bench dinette, you might want to make full use of it. The kitchen table and chairs give a more home-like feeling that the bench dinette lacks. If the color of the table is clashing with your interiors, you might want to try painting it. A splash could change the whole vibe of the RV. Painting your RV white is also a great option since it gives a cleaner and sophisticated vibe. 

Add A Little Backsplash To The Kitchen

Adding some backsplash to the kitchen makes a huge difference. You do not have to worry about the work and effort that comes with tile backsplash; you can simply use peel and stick sheets. Their appearance is similar to that of real tile, and you also get a whole range of color and pattern options.

Add Some Decor

The decor is the essential part of making your RV feel like a home. Most people avoid this part since they do not know how to keep it from falling off and down when traveling. However, command strips and mounting putty do provide decent results.


There you have six ways you can renovate your RV to give it a more homely feel. These renovation tips are quick, effortless, and they are also pretty cheap. So read these tips and give it a whirl.