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Best Outdoor Water Features For Your Home

Having a water fountain to decorate your yard is something everyone would love to implement! But it is pretty hard to find that one fountain which would match the elegance of your house. Not only can you now use some of the outdoor water fountain design ideas below, but you can also pitch in some good views of your own after looking at these. 

Once placed in its proper place, a suitable water feature will completely change the look of your house. It also helps you get a soothing feel every time you wake up and walk around the garden or yard. Isn’t it quite nice to have that dripping sound go through your ears and have a peaceful morning with a subtle breeze hitting your cheek? Well, then now you need not worry as these wishes will all come true with some of the best outdoor features for your home being curated by only the best. 

Animal Water Fountain

Another excellent option to have your outdoor space decorated is by having an animal water fountain, which will not only be elegant but will also seem like taken straight out of a movie. With this statue being right in the middle, it will also spark up some good conversation among people and become a strong focal point that takes up the attention. 

Fountains With Single Shoots

There is nothing as good as a fountain with a single shoot system for a good party ambiance. The water levels for this backyard fountain can be adjusted quickly and hence keeping it classy. While being a treat for your eyes, this water feature will also act as a bathing pool for the birds during hot summer days. 

Three-Tier Fountain

As classical as it might seem, these fountains won’t cost you a lot of money and will also need only a small area of your backyard. You can also place them in front of your houses to spot them from living rooms. With little to no expensive supplies, you can also create this DIY water fountain on your own. 

Water Wall Trickles

While a full-splash fountain is all fun, you can also take a look at the trickle water wall where not only can you save a lot of space, but you also need not spend gallons of water daily. This trickling water wall can also make the right area for your meditation time. With the drop-by-drop soothing sound of the water, you can get your own relaxing time away from all the troubles. 

Bubble Fountain Made Of Concrete

It looks small and is enticing to watch. This concrete fountain will be your best choice for an oh-not-so-big occasion. Keeping a water fountain does not always mean you need to keep a big pond or pool; this minor feature can also work. Fountain creating is now accessible with easy at-hand supplies!

Wine Barrel Fountain

For all the wine lovers, here is an enticing piece that you would like to invest in! This wine barrel fountain will provide a classy, vintage look to your garden and is a must-have for your houses. This will also make up for your very own wine tasting festival among friends.

Stacked Stones Fountain

This fountain is one of its kind! One of the stacked stone fountain’s main features is that you get a comforting feel with this right around your house. You can now create one on your own with minimal supplies and with a step-by-step guide that will let you have your very own ideas as well. This also means that you need not spend thousands of dollars to get to a spa to look at this fountain! 


So, these were all of the best outdoor water features for your home! Something you can build on your own and some with low maintenance cost will make your garden beautiful and enchanting and help you keep a positive mind!