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Common Things That Attract Unwanted Critters To Your Home

Even if you try your best to keep your immediate space clean and pest-free, chances are the pest issues will knock again, at least every once in a while; if so, you’re not alone. No matter the sort of pest or critter issues one may face, be it bugs, insects, rodents, ants, flies, mosquitoes, or others, the reason for their recurrence despite best efforts, in most cases, is because of unintentional pest-attracting factors. The following article discusses some everyday things that attract unwanted critters and how you can reduce the chances of pest infestation for good by managing these. 

Porch And Landscape Lights

It may not seem noteworthy, but the kind of lights you have around the house, especially in open areas like the porch or the yard, can impact your insect situation. 

LED lights that emit blue, white, or other cooler tones are insect-attracting, considering how insects see three different colors – green, ultraviolet, and blue. The cool tones primarily attract them the most. If you’ve observed a similar situation or have cool light tones in places like these, switching them with warmer, more yellow light will do the job right at making your house less appealing to the insects. 

Gaps In The Siding And Other Cracks

Unlike humans, bugs and critters who are not big fans of entering through the main door prefer a secret ingress that the gaps and cracks provide. It can be a gap in the siding, missing door sweeps, tiny cracks in the fountain, etc. 

However, sealing the gaps and cracks is essential because they offer access to pests and because these places act as their hiding and breeding grounds. Mites, ticks, etc., make for some excellent examples of how a single bug can cause a full-blown infestation if left unattended in a crack.

Indoor-Outdoor Pets

Pets are undoubtedly adorable and inviting, but humans are not alone in thinking that. Insects, ticks, mites, and other bugs attach themselves to your pets, which are eventually brought back into the house. But that’s only one way. 

Besides your pets, their food and waste also attract critters equally well. Therefore, to take care of their food storage setup, waste disposal, and of course, overall grooming and care become of utmost importance to avoid unwanted guests at all times.  

High Humidity  

Moisture attracts many pest types, considering how it is not just humans who have daily water requirements. However, high humidity here does not only indicate moisture in the atmosphere that attracts pests from cockroaches to ants, springtails, etc., rather quite a few other sources around the house as well, including:

  • Gutters, downspouts, or anywhere with standing water makes for a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. 
  • Wasps that are hunting for water may find the water dripping from your air conditioner attractive as well. 
  • Termites are usually drawn towards the water-soaked wood, besides just regular wood, cardboards, etc. 
  • Unused drains and faucets with dripping water may attract several types of pests, from rodents to flies.

Bird Seeds 

To feed birds is a good thing, but are you also providing other bugs with food. Birdseed is not merely popular among birds but also bugs like moths, especially the Indian meal moth, that typically loves to feed on the grains. 

Not storing bird seeds properly, buying a bag of already infested birdseed, leaving it out in the open without proper attention, or leaving tiny grains around the house are a few ways insects find their way into your home. 

Dirty Dishes

Being pest-free and leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight are two things that don’t go very well with each other. Know that postponing doing dishes in the morning is an inviting option for both you and several other insects and pests, including cockroaches, ants, fruit flies, flies, etc., who find your leftover food crumbs delicious. Instead of trying to get rid of these pest types once they’ve invaded your kitchen, avoid giving them a chance for adequate nourishment that attracts them to it in the first place. 

Clogged Rain Gutters

The living conditions of a typical clogged rain gutter (moist, protected, and, more often than not, full of leaves) are favorable and attractive to pests like ants and cockroaches, besides other insects. But the conditions are not enough to keep them out of your home, and any slight crack, a gap in the siding, or a small entryway is all they need to enter your home from there. 

Open Garage Or Basement Doors

The fact that not many pests require open doors or windows to enter your home does not make them any less of an enticing option. Small animals, birds, rodents, and other critters and insects, including squirrels, cats, spiders, rats, wild animals, etc., have an easy way in, with open or unsealed doors to your basement, when searching for shelter and food. The same is the case for unsealed windows in the garage and attics, making accessing your house relatively easy.   

Trash And Recyclables

Though trash and garbage, in general, are appealing to several pests, the horror does not go away by simply making sure that you empty the bin regularly. The layer of grime, dirt, etc., which accumulates over time inside your recycling bin, is also equally a bright option for flies and cockroaches especially. Therefore, besides your garbage clearing routine, also make sure you clean the bin itself. You may further increase the sanitation by rinsing the items thoroughly before tossing them inside or using covers and bin bags that are properly sealed and changed frequently.  


Just like the smell of food forces you out of your room, the smell of leftover or spilled crumbs forces bugs and insects to go out and about, searching for food inside your home. However, to leave behind crumbs does not require you to be a messy eater; minor negligence and laziness to clear a spill or sticky food stains, etc., from countertops and tables, are enough to entice the entire crowd of bugs, particularly ants.

Sweet Items And Beverages

Not just a piece of cake, but sweet alcoholic beverages like wine and beer are favorites for a multitude of insect and bug types. The sweet and slight fermenting smell of wine and beer is most tempting to insects like butterflies, flies, beetles, ants, etc. Therefore, keeping these in sealed bottles and avoiding spills will keep you far away from bug issues. Similarly, keeping other sweet items like honey, sugar, etc., in a sealed container is a good way to avoid unwanted wasps and ants from crawling around. 


To discourage insects from entering your house is a far better option at keeping the unwanted critters and insects away than eliminating them actively every time you notice an infestation. Like humans, insects also look for favorable living conditions, such as stick bugs looking for warmth in winter days, ants looking for food to bring back to their colonies, rodents looking for a water source, etc. And, so simple as it sounds, if you do not provide any of these to the insects, you will naturally lose appeal to them, resulting in fewer unwanted guests over time.