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Fourth Of July Decorations You Have To Have This Year


For Americans, the summers and especially the fourth of July are a day to celebrate, decorate and be creative. This day we express our love and take part in city parades, enjoy backyard barbecues, night fireworks, and enjoy our freedom with our loved ones. The happiness of this event comes with the built-in color palette of red, blue, and white, where all the different colors symbolize justice, purity, and courage, respectively. 

We invent and play with different shapes and sizes. We try to recreate the country’s flag by using other materials and fabrics. It doesn’t matter how creative or artistic you get. The stars and the recognizable stripes will keep you accurate to the theme. Your creativity is the one that makes the fourth of July decorations so awesome. Keep it unique and simple, and this is the style we need precisely to keep our day going. 

Rice Jar Candles

This decoration is simple and only requires a few items, a mason jar, rice, food coloring, and tea candles. Simply add a small amount of alcohol and food coloring to the dry rice and watch as it absorbs some of the colors; after you make red and blue rice, layer the rice in mason jars to represent the flag’s colors. Set the small tealight candle on top and light it when your guests arrive. This decoration hack can also be for weddings, dinner parties, or picnics. 

American Flag Made Of Fabric Scraps

You can prepare this using different kinds of material. To save your time in sewing, you can use silver studs. You can also make it with a blue bandana, as it gives sparks to the long strips of the white lace. You can hang this multi-fabric flag on a wooden towel rod. You can also make a wreath out of it if you wish to. It is a great way to upgrade old clothes and create something unique out of them. Try making several versions of the folk-chic flag. 

Adorable Kids DIY Scrap Paper Flag

This is mainly for kids. What you can do is collect all the scrap papers from near you and cut the strips out of them. You can also have fun while tearing them and crumple them into tiny wads. And for adults, you can craft a wood pallet and stick several popsicles horizontally. According to the American flag design, stick the paper your kids have torn to the stick or some type of poster board. This is the best craft idea for the little ones. 

Paint A Wooden Letter 

This type of decoration is something that can stay in the house all year long. Simply go to a crafts store and purchase a wooden letter of your choice. Paint the letter in colors you find appealing, but more patriotic stripes of red, white, and blue would do best. Add a burlap bow, rhinestones, or any other item you like to the wooden letter. This is a fun and easy activity anyone can do and also enjoy. 

Hanging Wire Basket

Decorate a few hanging wire baskets to help hold utensils or any other items you want to put on display. Take the wire basket and line it with linens or napkins, and then further decorate with tinsel, ribbon, or any other items you have laying around. Flowers intertwined in the wire basket also add a nice touch to the display. 

These baskets are the best way to display candy, utensils, or sparklers. 

Burlap Stars And Stripes Banner

This fabric is in everything from painting canvas to potato sacks. Use a brush to paint on the material and stamp white polka dots’ stars’ with the end of a pencil. This can easily hand inside or outside the house; just ensure you give it adequate drying time. 


These décors will light up your house and give you a patriotic feeling. You’ll be able to see all the different stars and stripes of various sizes on this day. Use your creativity and create something which is even possible for kids to develop. Each of these DIYs gives you a patriotic feeling on the fourth of July and leaves you wanting to do more.