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Most Popular Baby Girl Names Right Now

Finding a perfect name can be quite a task, especially when it is for your little girl. Indeed, a name does not decide fate, but a name does help to build individuality. Hence, finding a perfect name that fits just right is a task that requires brainstorming. But fret not, here is a compiled list of popular girl names for your baby!

According to the Social Service Administration ( and other popular websites, the following are the top trending names in American households.

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Ava
  4. Sophia
  5. Isabella

These names are so popular that they have been trending on the charts for quite some time. The top 10 rarely ever changed over the years. Other names that follow in the list are Mia, Harper, Charlotte, and Evelyn.

However, though traditional names retain the top spot in popularity, there is also a rise in choosing names after Greek goddesses, gemstones/birthstones, or even favorite fictional characters. So yes, the list is long, but the search for that one perfect name for your girl ends here!

Names Based On Greek Mythology

The names after Greek goddesses and characters are taking popularity. Be it associating with the valor of the character or the subtle pronunciation, the names that are trending are: 

  1. Rhea
  2. Iris
  3. Athena
  4. Daphne 
  5. Selene
  6. Melaina 
  7. Theia 
  8. Althea
  9. Penelope
  10. Dione
  11. Helen
  12. Cynthia 
  13. Thalia 
  14. Phoebe 
  15. Calliope
  16. Ariana 
  17. Irene
  18. Asia
  19. Asteria/ Astraea

Biblical Names

The biblical names have not lost their touch over the years. Though they are competing with modern fancy names, their popularity remains.

  1. Mary
  2. Maria
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Sarah
  5. Rachel 
  6. Hannah
  7. Leah 
  8. Chloe
  9. Anna 
  10. Esther
  11. Ruth
  12. Joanna
  13. Abigail
  14. Lydia
  15. Louise
  16. Naomi
  17. Rebecca
  18. Hannah
  19. Michal
  20. Sharon

Gemstone Names

These names find popularity due to their unique touch.

  1. Jewel
  2. Diamond
  3. Ruby
  4. Scarlet
  5. Amber
  6. Crystal
  7. Jade 
  8. Pearl
  9. Mica
  10. Jasper
  11. Esme
  12. Maggie
  13. Greta
  14. Jada
  15. Emerald 

Latin Infusion

The names having origin from the Latin words are quite popular names for babies. You might have often come across them, as they are common.

  1. Diana
  2. Camilla 
  3. Minerva
  4. Viola
  5. Gloria
  6. Clara
  7. Stella
  8. Lillian 
  9. Lucy
  10. Olivia
  11. Victoria
  12. Grace
  13. Eliana 
  14. June
  15. Laura 
  16. Veronica
  17. Amanda
  18. Emily
  19. Miranda
  20. Serena

Names Based On Flowers

Encompassing the beauty and gentleness of the flowers, the names derived from the wonders of nature are still popular. Check out a few from below to find one that suits your baby perfectly.

  1. Flora
  2. Daisy
  3. Rose
  4. Lily
  5. Willow
  6. Blossom 
  7. Rosemary
  8. Jasmine
  9. Angelica
  10. Daphne
  11. Ivy
  12. Laurel
  13. Ilana
  14. Varsha
  15. Rosalie
  16. Olivia
  17. Susan
  18. Holly

Back To Nature

The names of nature’s elements are as mesmerizing as the elements themselves. Check out one that matches the aura of your baby.

  1. Luna
  2. Aurora
  3. Astra
  4. Venus
  5. Autumn
  6. Summer
  7. Peace
  8. Celeste
  9. Hailey
  10. Brook
  11. Spring
  12. Arizona
  13. Sky
  14. Ray

Add A Dash Of Color

Names that represent color– Not your favorite? Wait till you see the names that are becoming trending for the babies in Gen Z’s offspring.

  1. Violet
  2. Hazel
  3. Ashley
  4. Cherry
  5. Fiona
  6. Gwen
  7. Kelly 
  8. Auburn
  9. Ivory
  10. Sunny
  11. Blue
  12. Claret
  13. Alba

Offbeat Names

People are also trying names that stand out as far as they could. Yeah, offbeat names are in trend. These names may or may not hold meaning, but they surely ring the ears. 

  1. Dream
  2. Hope
  3. Faith
  4. Aura 
  5. Mycah
  6. Miracle
  7. Joy
  8. April
  9. North
  10. August
  11. Forest 
  12. Gravity 

Celeb/Fictional Characters

We all must indeed have one or the other fictional character or a celebrity we can’t let go of. Well, you don’t need to! Name your baby after them. Here are some favorites: 

  1. Hermione
  2. Bella
  3. Eva
  4. Elina
  5. Caroline
  6. Monica
  7. Betty 
  8. Alice
  9. Jane
  10. Sylvia 

Gender-Neutral Names

No need to restrict yourself to the name that screams ‘girl’ from the rooftop. If you are more towards gender-neutral names, here are our top picks for you.

  1. Blake
  2. Taylor
  3. Drew
  4. Avery
  5. Jude

Join Your Names

Another fun name is to make one for yourself. Yes! Cut and join the parents’ names to create a unique name for the baby. And the best part? They are gender-neutral!

For example, if your names are Olivia and Noah, how about naming your child Vian? It’s fun, and at the same time, your child bears the name of both the parents, much like how two halves complete each other. You can include your middle names or surnames to craft many more.


Shakespeare said back then, ‘what is in a name?’ But it is hard to ignore the power of a name. You are free to choose any name for your little angel, and it will be perfect for your baby. Choosing a name can be a daunting task, but you are sure to find one you love with this list.