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Garden Ideas To Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Have you ever gazed in envy at your neighbor’s lawn, or you perhaps thought that you also want the same? Gardens are a living expression of the people who create them. Take the time to enhance your yard and watch how the outside of your house transforms into something beautiful. Plants and shrubs are only a portion of creating a fantastic yard. Below are some tips to help enhance your space and make your neighbors jealous. 


Make Space For A Water Feature

Water features are great to give your garden a sense of style and character. They make your garden look distinct from the rest (not to mention envious). You can try fountains to give an aesthetic look to your garden, or you can go for a garden pond. Finally, you can complete the decoration with underwater fountain lights, flower beds, rocks, and fancy statues. 

Work On Your Fence

Your fence is not only the divider between you and your neighbor, but it’s something that you share. One of the easiest and effective ways to decorate your fence is to use marbles on it. You have to cut different-sized holes in the wood and place the marbles in them. You can get colorful marbles at fewer costs, and they look stunning when sunshine falls on them. 

Light Up Your Garden

The natural light fills your garden with glory during the daytime, but what about during the night? You will want to sit back in your garden during warm summer nights and look at the stars; that’s why it’s essential to light up your garden. You can purchase lights online or from your local garden store. Go for hanging lamps on the trees or those fixed around the pathway. Whatever lighting you choose, arrange them, so they highlight the beauties in your garden. 

Build A Patio

A patio can make an attractive addition to the garden area. You can do this if you have great space in your garden area. First, consider the purpose and space and then plan accordingly. If you want a modern feel, go for concrete underfoot, glass tables, wooden chairs, and lamps to decorate. You can also give a vintage touch to your patio by adding a vintage-style bench, potted plants, hanging lights, and chandelier planter. 

DIY Walkway Paths For Your Garden

A well-designed and carefully created garden path can make a garden come alive. You can make any type of path for your garden, or you can even combine any two. Here are a few options :

    • Gravel Path
    • Mulch Path
    • Brick Path
    • Stepping Stone Path
    • Wood Path
    • Pebble Mosaic Pathway
    • Tiles Pathway

Wrapping Up

Your garden is your garden, and you can decorate it however you want. While the aim is never to make your neighbors jealous, these garden ideas will attract all the eyes. The best part, all of these tips are DIY, and you can do them on your own or with family.