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Get Your Grill Spotless This Summer

Summers are for grilling and having the fruits of your choice with your friends and family. Gas grills usually have an extended lifespan, but this reduces if you do not clean the grill. The burner can get blocked by the gunk present on it, which results in small fires, and after a few months, the rust might take over, making it look old. 

Cleaning and maintenance don’t take a lot. Following are a few ways to maintain your gas grill.

How To Maintain The Gas Grill?

Regularly Check For Leakage 

Once a month, sprinkle some soapy water on the connection and gas line. And while you are doing this, make sure the propane connection is on. If you see the bubbles forming, the connection is leaking for sure. To fix the leakage, either replace the line or tighten the connection.   

Make Sure You Cover The Grill

Cover the grill at all times. A lot of companies make their covers (which you have to buy separately). If your grill is protected at all times, you don’t have to worry about rusting and the grill becoming dirtier.  

Make Sure You Clean It Regularly

The cleaning methods which are below are beneficial. But all you have to do is make sure that you clean it either right after the use or once a month. Scrub the grates, cleanse the body, and that’s it! 

And you can also turn on the grill for 15 minutes so that you can burn the extra gunk. 

How To Clean The Gas Grill?

Burn The Food Off

After using it, leave your grill turned on for 15 minutes on high flame. After that, turn down the grill and let it cool for some time. The extra food on the grill will burn to ash which will be easier to clean. Move on to the next step after it turns warm. It is essential to move onto the next step and continue cleaning it because the ashes can gather bacteria and moisture quickly. 

Scrub The Grates

You might want to keep the grates clean and away from debris, food, bacteria, and grease from developing on the grates because grates are the only things that come in contact with the food directly. You can use a steel grate brush to clean the grates nicely. Get a steel brush with a scouring pad and tough bristles. You must purchase one if you don’t have one yet. You can also use a ball of aluminum foil, but be careful and do not burn yourself. If you cooked the entire day and had a heavy day, you can spray some grill cleaner while scrubbing the grate. Take out the grates and clean the bottoms too. 

Many people say that it is not good to clean the grill right after cooking because the food on the grill will help combat rust. Instead of taking an easy way, you must clean the grates from every nook and corner; after that, spray some vegetable oil to avoid rusting and before cooking to prevent food from sticking. 

And make sure you do not spray oil when the grill is on. In that case, take a tissue, dip it in oil, and then apply the oil with the help of tongs.

Scrub The Burner Protectors 

Its protectors protect the burners from debris and grease. And as a result, the protectors get dirty. If they are not clean, it might hold back the burners from doing their job and develop bacteria on the food. 

You can clean it by taking out the protectors from the grill and dip the sponge in the bucket of soapy water. And then clean it with a wet piece of cloth. Do this whenever you grill.  

Scrub The Plates And Burners

Get ready to get dirty two or three times in a season for cleaning your grill. Under the burner protectors, burners are present. But till now, you might be thinking that removing burners might damage the grill. Rather than that, you can take a sponge dipped in soapy water and scrub the portions in your reach. And after that, clean it with a wet rag. Burners do not have food residue, but they have ash as their remains, so it would be simple to remove the junk.

Underneath the burners, plates are present. It is pretty easy to remove them. Scrub it with the grill brush. This will remove the giant chunks and the grease from the plates to keep your dishes clean.  

Scrub The Tray From The Bottom

Under the burners and plates, there is a bottom tray that gathers the trash and grease. This can be taken out from the sides, under the grill. It will not affect the food’s quality. But a lot of trash will block the grill. You can also clean it up once a season. 

Most of the trash would be easy to take out. You can bring your grill brush to use in this case. Rinse the tray with soap water, then wash it with normal water and then dry it. After everything, keep it back to its original place.   

Clean The Exterior Body 

If you want to show off your gas grill to your guests, your grill outdoors needs to be clean. You don’t require any fancy cloth or an expensive cleaner for that; a little bit of dish soap and an ordinary rag will do the job. Ensure that you clean it with a wet rag to eliminate any soap residue that might further cause any rust. But if you have a stainless steel grill, you must purchase a stainless steel cleaner for cleaning it, in that case, to make it look shiny and spotless.

And always ensure that you cover your grill at all times to shield it from any critters. The majority of them come with a cover, so remember to cover it after using it. 


It gets dirty after every use, which means you have to clean it with many cleaners. But that’s not true, as you don’t require many tools, cleaners, or effort. Yes, it might get you a little dirty, but it’s not a strenuous activity. After you take the time to clean the grill, you will be able to show it off to guests!