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How To Create A Retro Look In Your Home

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Retro style or the vintage look you desire to create for your home sometimes may seem difficult. The retro style is a combination of styles from various decades, which goes back to the 1950s to the 1980s, and it may seem challenging to achieve that retro aesthetic you desire. Most of the retro styles given to your home could be subtle but fun and lively, brought about by various bright colors and patterns. 

The modern retro style uses its inspiration from the 60s and 70s, as said earlier, for its basis. Specific characteristics of the retro style, which are also commonly used, are:

  • Unique patterns and designs for furniture 
  • Graphic prints and geometric patterns 
  • Lots of chrome, plastic, and wood
  • A vivid and vibrant color palette
  • A minimum amount of fixed furniture



Retro furniture is like abstract art. They don’t pull away too much attention but keep the person hooked to them like art at a focal point. You can use various Rattan Decor-designed furniture like chairs made from natural wood and warm textiles. You could even add a storage place. Use long and elongated sofas using bold colors in contrast to your covering of sofas. 

The furniture you use doesn’t have to be very expensive. You could also add something simple and create an ambiance that gives you that era. For example, you can also use your plain black chair to polish and add luster to it. Many of the retro furniture was made with pure wood or plastic, making your home stand out. 

It’s All About The Texture

You need to be bold and go over the top for recreating a perfect retro look. So don’t be afraid to try new patterns combined with the old ones. 

Using The Right Colors

Choosing the right set of colors is very important. The retro designs are a more vibrant and lively palette of colors rather than the subtle and pastel colors used nowadays in modern homes. The colors were the symbol of free-thinking and cheerful and independent individuals. Some of the popular colors used back in the day were greens, browns and shades of black and whites, and red. You can also add purple and hot pink to give bold statements to your home.

The living room is the place where you could use black and white as your background, and along with these, you could have combinations of red, blue, and citrine. You could also add an eye-catching carpet as flooring in the living room. If your walls are already painted, instead of going under heavy repaint tasks, you could add patterns and geometrical figures and designs along with them. You can also add posters and bromides. 


Lights make everything look better. The perfect lighting is the key to getting that desired and scenic look for your home. Using lamps and wall lights that are warm or multicolored chandeliers can give your home a vintage look. 

Exchanging Hardware

You could change the hardware in your house to something more rustic and vintage-looking. You can add vintage furniture hardware such as knobs and locks. When it comes to lamps, you could add various designs and patterns to lamps. 

The Final Step

The main purpose of a retro-style theme decor is to make your house look and feel more comfortable. The entire theme of this retro theme is to stand out with comfort. People often add books and other simple items, making the whole ambiance more comforting. As an addition to the interiors, you can also add certain small lamps and atom clocks. You could decorate your house windows with light curtains with geometric patterns on them. The utensils you use in your kitchen could have bright colorings to them. You can use a chequered tablecloth. Adding souvenirs, figurines, carafes, and vases will help you. 


The retro-style decor has been making a comeback in the current times. Many interior designs have been heavily influenced by the designs and patterns, which are like a shout-out or a throwback to those times. As we have seen earlier, retro-style means bright colors and combinations, which give them that comfortable yet lively ambiance. Using certain tips and design material and furniture, you can quickly transform your home using simple furniture and decor material along with colors to a new vintage-inspired one.