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How To Remove Stains From Your Wood Floors

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If you have wood floors, you know that they can be challenging to maintain. You will need to make sure that they are clean and protected at all times. Also, you will want to be careful about what types of cleaners and stains that you use. If you don’t, the stain might become permanent. There are many ways to ensure that your wood flooring stays in pristine condition. Today you will learn about some ways for removing stains from your hardwood floors!

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a miracle cleaner. It has so many uses, and it’s such an effective substance! One of those ways to remove stains from your hardwood floors is with white vinegar. Just pour some on the stain, let it soak in for about 15 minutes, and then wipe off. You can use a paper towel or rag to do this. If you find any remaining bits left over, just add more vinegar and scrub at them again until they disappear entirely!

Salt And Lemon

Lemon juice is excellent for removing stains. If you can, try to use a fresh lemon as it will be more effective. Place the salt on the old cloth and add some lemon juice to make a paste-like texture. Apply this onto your stain and leave it there until dry. Once the area has dried up, wipe away with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel – whatever’s available! You might want to consider reapplying if the same type of stain keeps coming back again and again after cleaning it off initially. Use vinegar instead of lemon juice to remove rust from hardwood floors since that’s what causes most discoloration issues when they get scratched by chairs and tables.

Magic Eraser

This is a product that you can buy, and it will help restore your wood flooring to its former glory! Just dampen the eraser slightly before using it against stubborn stains. It has enough abrasive power to get rid of any type of mark or stain on hardwood floors, so just keep rubbing until there’s no sign left at all! You might need to apply some pressure depending upon how deep the stain goes into the particleboard itself. Remember, this isn’t as effective if you have varnish covering over grime because then there won’t be anything for your magic erasers to latch onto! If you want something more long-term, you might need to consider applying a coat of varnish.


This is another one that’s great for removing ink stains from hardwood floors! Just make sure your toothpaste doesn’t have any whitening agents in it, or else these will leave streaks on the flooring. Instead, choose a pure white paste and softly scrub with a clean cloth until no more signs remain. Once the marks have gone, wipe away any toothpaste leftover before allowing the area to completely dry out so you can polish it later for added protection! This won’t work if your wood floor has been covered in a protective film since those stains will not be able to seep through.


This is another excellent cleaner for removing ink stains but make sure you apply it to a small test patch first to check whether or not it will discolor the varnish on top of your wood floor. It’s best used as an alternative when other cleaners aren’t working, and nothing else works! Make sure there are no kids or pets around because this stuff can be nasty if ingested – plus, breathing in those fumes isn’t healthy either, so try and keep all windows open before using ammonia against stubborn stains like these. Just dampen a cloth with some water beforehand and then add ammonia afterward until there’s enough liquid to cover up that stain completely without having too much excess fluid left. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping everything away afterward!


Household bleach is also suitable for removing ink stains from wood floors, but you need to be careful with it because this stuff can damage the varnish if used excessively! Ensure no kids or pets are around before using any type of household cleaner, and always try out a small test area first. Just pour some water onto the stained surface afterward so that everything dries back up again without being discolored or warped in any way. This will give your hardwood flooring time to dry properly, which means it won’t warp over time either due to excessive moisture left behind on top – plus, cleaning off all excess chemicals prevents further damage too! You might want to consider letting it sit overnight just to make certain that everything has dried off enough before applying some polish afterward to keep things looking beautiful.

Baking Soda

Just mix up some baking soda with white vinegar and water to create a thick paste which can then be applied directly onto those pesky ink stains! Allow it to rest for an hour or two before wiping away everything, but be sure to clean the floor again with plain water afterward because there could still be some dampness left behind. – otherwise, your wood floors could warp over time. Also, make sure that kids or pets are not around while using this cleaner on top of hardwood floors because both ingredients used here can end up being dangerous if ingested by little ones who don’t know any better yet!

Removing Stains With WD-40

This stuff is kind of like vinegar in the sense that it can be used for so many different purposes around the home! Just spray this onto your hardwood floors and let it sit there for a few minutes before wiping everything away with water again – simple as pie! Make sure you don’t use too much, though, because otherwise, you might end up leaving behind puddles that will damage your wood flooring due to excessive moisture left on top. If needed, add more but make sure you keep an eye on how wet all surfaces are while cleaning them off after letting this cleaner do its magic!

Dish Soap

Dish soap can be used for so many different things around the home! Just apply some to a damp cloth before wiping away at stubborn stains -It should take you no time to clear up the mess. However, always do a small test area first just to make sure it won’t cause any discoloring or damage over time because dish soap has an oil base which means there might still be excess moisture left behind even after cleaning off again. You could also use this stuff on your couches and chairs, too, if need be!


There are several ways to clean your hardwood floor stains. Always test new items before using them to ensure that they are safe in the long run, since some of them might cause discoloration or damage if not used correctly at first! Also, keep youngsters and pets away from any hazardous chemicals while you’re cleaning! If needed, apply additional polish at the conclusion of every cleaning to maintain everything looking great!