How To Utilize Mirrors In Your Living Areas

Mirrors play a huge role in our living areas. They are the secret solution to every interior design problem. Mirrors create an illusion of space, thereby making your area look so much bigger than it already is. They also do a lot more than that and add elegance and chic to space. While there are many ways of utilizing mirrors in your living areas, here are our top 13 ways.

Make A Statement

Go big and use a mirror to make a statement in your living room. If you get a bold one, there’s not much else you’ll have to do to your living room to decorate it. A mirror is a perfect way to make a statement in your living room with style and elegance.

Place It Wisely

The placement of your mirror will greatly affect its impact on your living areas. You should place it next to something visually appealing. In addition to that, the height that it is placed at also matters a lot, so it should be placed at the appropriate height. Place it according to what you want to be reflected. If you have a beautiful view outside then, it goes without saying that you should place it opposite that of something not very interesting.

Create Texture

You can use mirrors to create texture in a variety of ways. One way is to use a textured mirror frame, which will add a 3-D effect to your wall. You can also add texture by positioning it in a way that would reflect a textured object. For example, a textured wall or an object can be reflected using the mirror in your living area.

Use Mirrored Furniture

A large piece of mirrored furniture is the perfect blend of practicality and elegance. Whether it’s a mirrored sideboard or a mirrored table, it does wonders in making a place look much larger than it is. It reflects all that is around it and gives the room personality.

Place It Behind Furniture

A clever way of utilizing mirrors in your living areas is to place them behind furniture. This is especially if your area is compact. Place it behind a sofa or other piece of furniture and watch how it makes the whole room look bigger. This simple strategy can completely change the dynamic and mood of your area, so don’t think twice about using it!

Play With Shapes

There’s so much that you can do with mirrors. You can play around with shapes and use geometric shapes to create an artistic look. Instead of putting one, you can put a variety of shapes and sizes that complement one another. It’ll make your space look edgy and interesting.

Let It Reflect A Window

To light up your room, you can place your mirror so that it would reflect a window. If your room is naturally not well lit, it’s better to increase the size of the mirror. The larger the mirror, the more light it’ll reflect and the better the mood will be in your living space.

Make A Focal Point

Mirrors are great focal points in any room, so use them above mantels or other places you think are focal points. It’ll amplify your space and create definition.

Arched Mirror

Arched mirrors create depth in a room. They make you feel like you’re entering another room when in reality, it’s just a mirror. Of course, it’ll make your room look a whole lot bigger and will give it a flow-like structure.

Make A Mirrored Wall


Instead of putting just one mirror, why not create a mirrored wall? It looks chic and makes the room look so much bigger than it already is. Making a mirrored wall is a smart and effective way to add drama to a place, whether it’s a bedroom or a living room. It’s also fairly simple to do and doesn’t require much. Whether you use one big mirror or many small ones, a mirrored wall is such a vibe. Use it instead of the wallpaper and see it transform your area.

Focus On The Style


Not just does placement matter, but the style of your mirror plays a significant role as well. There are many different styles, from traditional and classic to modern and edgy ones; you have to choose one that goes with your space. All of this depends on the framing, of course, so make sure to focus on that when getting your mirror. A mirror with the appropriate frame can work wonders in changing the aura of your area.

Use Old Or Distressed Mirrors


Not only should you focus on shapes and framing when you pick a mirror, but the kind of mirror itself can also greatly affect your room. Old or distressed mirrors have their own charm and add character to your area. They give it a vintage look making your room intriguing, not to mention that they are also excellent conversation starters. If you’re wondering where to get them from, you can get them from an antique store and will be unique compared to your ordinary mirror.

Add It To A Gallery Wall

If you have a gallery wall in any area of your home, then adding a mirror to it will be the perfect addition. It’ll be just what your gallery wall needs to complete its look and balance out the rest of the artwork. Adding a unique frame to it before placing it there will make it even better and right where it belongs.

Each of these 13 ways of utilizing mirrors in your living areas will make your living areas look chic and one of a kind. There are so many ways that you can play with it, so be experimental and see what it does for you. You’ll be happy with the way it turns out and transforms your space.