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Low Maintenance Miniature Succulent Garden

Cacti and succulents are mini-plants that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor setup. You can take your home decor to the next level with live picture frames, fairy gardens using miniature succulents. Succulents have plenty of varieties. Since succulents store water in their leaves, they can withstand the sun and stay without water for long periods, and they are significantly low maintenance and untroublesome. Succulents occupy less space, so you can still deck out your place with these succulents if you have a restricted area. 

Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum)

You must be wondering, is it a wild animal we are talking about here or a plant? Well, we are pretty much discussing a plant. Given this plant’s incredible ability to grow up to four inches, resembling a tail, it is often called a donkey’s tail. Burro’s tail belongs to the cactus family. You’ll be astonished to know all the cacti are succulents, but not all the succulents are cacti. This succulent is best for planting indoors in a well-drained hanging pot so that its long stems can stick out and hang in the air. 

Sempervivum ‘Little Bobo’

The sempervivum is the best plant for any magnitude of gardening projects. Little bobo is a clustering succulent that will remain under three inches in diameter and height when fully grown. The animated lime green leaves of the plant are in a beautiful rosette structure like many other sempervivums. They increase the decorum of fairy gardens and make lovely additions to upright succulent lawns.

This plant blossoms in the bright sun, but it can survive with strained or one-sided sunlight. These plants can endure chill but full winters under the snow, not like most succulents. Nevertheless, they need sufficient drainage, and to prevent roots from getting rot, you should never leave these plants in standing water.

Blossfeldia Liliputana

If you want a spectacular succulent, then go for Blossfeldia Liliputana- the most miniature cacti on earth. It is a sight to behold when the plant is in full bloom as it grows in clumps. It produces white or pink flowers, this tiny succulent measures about half an inch in diameter at maturity. There are tufts of wool across the stem but no ribs or spines. 

Being a slow-growing cactus, you must graft this plant often to boost its growth. But the downside of grafting is that it grows at a rate resulting in the plant losing its natural texture and disc-like appearance. Like any other succulent, this beautiful succulent needs less water and a good drainage outlet. You should water it less in the winters as well. 

Echeveria Minima

This elegant succulent is suitable for smaller projects or imitation lawns. Echeveria minima remain under three inches in height and approx four inches in diameter as they mature. 

Blueish-green-colored leaves are in a rosette pattern, and the tip is pink-colored. The plant yields pink and yellow bell-shaped flowers atop the short branch in the spring season.

This succulent plant doesn’t require high maintenance. However, it needs partial sun and deep and not so frequent watering. You can feel at ease for your pets; they can visit freely in the garden as it’s a pet-safe plant. Plant growth is simple and is attainable with leaf or stem cuttings. 

Sedum ‘Little Missy’

Little missy is the perfect succulent for drooping pots and ground-level gardens. This plant is creeping succulent with a white species and bright green-colored leaves.

As they are grown-up, this succulent will remain under three inches in height, but its slow and steady nature of growth makes it the best surface cover. Tiny pink flowers bloom on the little missy in the summers.

This plant can withstand a lot of shade than many different varieties of Sedum. However, it grows perfectly in the partial sun. This fast-growing plant is the best for crates or outdoor lawns if the climate is favorable.

Periodic watering and well-draining soil are essential for the enhanced development of the succulent. The plant is pet friendly; it is non-toxic to pets, so it doesn’t harm in any way your pet. Indeed an incredible extension for pet-friendly gardens.

Haworthia fasciata ‘Zebra Plant.’

As the name suggests, this succulent, a native South Africa plant, gets its name given the white stripes on its leaves. This succulent generally grows up to or less than six inches in diameter and three inches in height. 

Haworthia is a cult favorite amongst plant parents who like to grow indoor gardens, given its inherent quality of bearing up with the dim light. The plant loves a well-drained pot and partial sunlight mostly. 

Slow in growth, it still is a hit with amateur gardeners as it doesn’t die quickly. The Zebra plant is a bit unusual succulent as it grows primarily in winters and goes dormant during summers. So you need to adjust the watering schedule accordingly. 

Kalanchoe Pumila ‘Flower Dust’ Plant

Want to add vibrancy to your garden? Kalanchoe Pumila, popularly known as the flower dust, should be your first choice then. It’s a dwarf succulent and usually goes up to eight inches in height. With flat silvery-white broad leaves, this little succulent produces beautiful pink flowers and is a favorite of all. 

It can not withstand frigid weather; it needs to be indoors if that’s the case. The plant flourishes well in proper sunlight with less water and a good drainage pot. 

Bottom Line 

Cacti and miniature succulents add a good ambiance and vibrance to your home. You can deck up your living room, kitchen counter, dining table, or washrooms with these petite and yet low-maintenance plants. Throw a splash of color or a touch of class to your space with the undemanding succulents above.