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Must Have Plants To Repel Mosquitoes

During the summer months, the mosquitoes thrive and leave many of us with irritating mosquito bites. To avoid mosquitoes, many use bug spray, which is full of harmful chemicals. However, there are many other remedies available to repel mosquitoes. These simple solutions will help your backyard become a mosquito-free area. 

No one wants to put on bug spray to go into their backyard. There are specific plants that repel mosquitoes, and the best of them are below. 


Basil improves the flavor of numerous soups, especially delicious pesto gravy and salad, and it can hinder mosquitoes as well. This plant releases oil, and the scent goes into the environment freely, so arranging leaves in any way or crushing them is unnecessary. The leaves are poisonous for the mosquito larvae. Hence you disseminate and set them near existing water to block mosquitoes from producing eggs.

Bee Balm

Bee balm is a common mosquito repellent. It is also known as horsemint or natural bergamot. Bee balm draws many birds, flies, and beetles that produce seeds by pollination. It is commonly in dressing for salads and other meals. It is also in beverages and jellies.


Catnip is freshly strong-smelling, pretty repellent, holding nepetalactone, and draws felines. It is a significantly more potent repellent than the substance in most bug repellents. The pungent smell is also the greatest desire of cats. It’s simple to plant catnip and sustain in a pot but decremented straight in the ground, then be careful of any signs of modification.


Mainly in mosquito repellents and candles, this strong-smelling herb repels mosquitoes, unlike all the others. Citrosum and citronella shrubs and grass are other alternatives to citronella. Unfortunately, this plant can’t sustain frost. 

Floss Flower

Floss flowers discharge a substance called coumarin, which is in producing most mosquito repellants. These are visually beautiful and delightful plants that come in various colors like purple, blue, white, and pink. 


Garlic’s powerful smell resists the mosquitos freely. Get rid of mosquitoes by using crushed garlic or compress its liquid and cover on the skin, only if you can stand its sour, pungent smell.


This plant’s fresh scent can relieve and soothe your mind. It’s a fabulous tea component, and at the same time, lavender keeps away various flying insects. Several species of lavender are available and can be grown quickly in your garden.


This plant is commonly known as verbena and is exquisite lemongrass comprising an enhanced level of citral, and it is an oil put in mosquito repellants. The beautiful plant tastes pleasant in soups and different foods.

Lemon Balm

This plant has stress-relieving qualities and is consistently used to decrease forced stress, relieve abdomen issues, and much more. Ensure not to grow this plant in your garden, as the lemon balm will grow fast and possibly take over. The beautiful plant is good in taste and great at repelling annoying mosquitoes.


This plant develops very quickly and can comfortably conquer your garden area if not taken care of correctly. Still, it’s not as untimely as some other plants in the mint regime. In addition, this plant transmits oil and is excellent for resisting mosquitoes, and it can assist in mitigating distress from itching and disturbing bites of mosquitoes.


One of the most common barrier plants is marigolds for vegetable greenhouses. The buds have a strong aroma and taste sweet in any salad, herb, and soup because of their citrusy and rich taste. In addition, marigolds have pyrethrum, a mixture used in most of the repellants, and it is related to nature’s pesticides.


This plant is a famous spice for numerous foods and accommodates to prevent many bugs from you and your vegetables. In addition, you can toss some rosemary in the fire to create scented mosquitoes repellent. 


Precautionary steps you can take to assure mosquitoes don’t take over your backyard:

  1. Make sure there is no sitting water around your home.
  2. Ensure all the facades are accurately cleaned and dumped.
  3. Birdbaths, water gardens, and rain pipes incline to tempt mosquitoes; hence it is essential to discard them.

Mosquitoes can send a lot of diseases and spread diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to keep mosquitoes away from your residence.