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Laundry Myths That Ruin Your Clothes

 There might be a few clothes that you love, and there might be some ways you are spoiling those clothes. Below are some reasons why your clothes might not last as long. This is a prevalent myth. Detergent can help clean your clothes, but if you use too much of it, it can damage your clothes’ material, which prevents them from lasting long. Also, you might get residue on your clothes from using so much detergent. You will see how much detergent you have to use to clean your clothes based on your washer and the size load on the detergent label. Follow what you read there, and your clothes will last longer. 

More Detergent Means Cleaner Clothes


Hot Water Will Clean Clothes Better

Hot water will not clean your clothes better. It will damage the fabric of your clothes, but there will not be any extra benefits if you use hot water instead of cold water to clean your clothes. Most detergents are made to work well with cold water so avoid using hot water as it can have adverse effects on your clothes. 

Wash Your Clothes After Every Wear

You do not have to wash clothes every time you wear them. For example, if you exercise, then you should wash those clothes after every use, but the rest of your clothes can last a bit longer. You might be overwashing your clothes, which can leave you with clothes that do not have the same color as they used to, etc. 

Overloading The Washer With Too Many Bulky Clothes

There are some very thick clothes, and if you load too many thick or thin clothes in the washer, you will end up with not very clean clothes.

You Can Ignore The Fabric Care Label

The fabric care label has essential information relating to how you should clean and take care of your clothes. If you do not follow the label, your clothes will not look as good as they should be, and they will not last long either. The manufacturer of the clothing knows what to do to keep the clothes looking as good as possible. If you are not sure, learn what all the symbols on the tag mean and follow those instructions. 

All Stains Are Created Equally

You cannot use the same detergent for your cleaning needs. Some stains might be harder to remove than others, and some might be easier. If you use a very gentle detergent on a stain that is difficult to remove, you will be trying to remove that stain for a very long. It is best if you use a harsher detergent, and if you use a harsh detergent on a stain that can come off easily, then that means that you would spoil the clothes because the detergent is very harsh.

Visible Stains Are The Only Stains That You Need To Worry About

Just because something looks clean, that does not mean it is, especially with darker colors. Most of the sweat and body odor in your clothes might not be visible, but it is there, and it is best if you wash it as quickly as possible. 

It Would Be Best If You Fastened Your Buttons Before Washing

This is a terrible practice because there is a lot of stress put by the machines on clothes and you might break a few buttons because of this. It is best if you open your buttons before you put them in the washer. 


You might be doing some of these things to your clothes, or you might have done these in the past. Clothes can be costly, and it is best if we keep the clothes that we do have for as long as possible so that we do not have to sacrifice our favorite pieces of clothing. Our clothes might get duller, or they might stretch out if you do any of these things, so ensure that you correct all your mistakes as quickly as possible.