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Popular Kitchen Sink Styles

The kitchen sink is one of the primarily used multifunctional fixtures in a home. Several cooking procedures require the use of a sink, such as frequent washing hands, vegetables, fruits, and other small utensils. A very thoughtful person must have created kitchen sinks, jokes apart; it’s indeed a valuable kitchen accessory.

Kraus Top Mount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink 

A wide range of kitchen sinks is available with numerous features and prices. You can get an elegant, contemporary product without thinking twice about the price considering buying this sink.

Kraus KTM32, a double container stainless steel kitchen sink, is top-mounted, and it has a 60/40 split basin. The sink specification is 33× 22×9 inches.

The Kraus KTM32 is premium stainless steel, which withstands scrapes, eroding, and tints. The soft corners make it simple to clear, and it arrives with a bag strainer, seeps assembly, and ascending hardware. It includes a distinctive finish and a deep bowl. 

Kohler Whitehaven Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 

Nowadays, one of the most popular design styles is a farmhouse sink, and no farmhouse kitchen is complete without an apron front sink. Kohler Whitehaven is one of the most popular farmhouse kitchens sinks you can purchase. 

This sink is cast iron for extreme strength, and its self-trimming layout overlaps the front of the cabinet for easy establishment and is under-mounted on your kitchen counter.

The model has several variants, and white is the topmost popular choice in farmhouse design. It features a slanted chamber and counteracts the trench to increase your working area. 

This farmhouse kitchen sink is solid and attractive in looks. Several people say that it doesn’t sacrifice any counter space due to its under-mounted configuration. The dimensions of the sink are 30× 21.5×9 inches.

Ruvati LoftenPRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink 

Ruvati drop-in stainless steel is a top-mounted kitchen sink. Stainless steel sinks are trendy among homeowners because they are incredibly durable and easy to care for, and one of the great options you can find nowadays is the Ruvati stainless steel kitchen sink. 

The sink features premium-grade stainless steel with a stylish finish that is simple to conceal and clean scrapes. The sink also has a sound guard undercoating and rubber padding to lessen any interfering noise. This top-mounted kitchen sink’s main feature is its workstation tracks and overhandling lips, where you can leave all the accessories to use just right inside the container.

This versatile alternative is the top kitchen sink for someone who loves to cook and eat food at home due to its built-in accessories like a colander, roll-up rack, and cutting board. The sink specifications are 33× 22×10 inches.

Kraus Loften Drop-in Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This traditional kitchen sink fits in with any decor style, and Kraus Loften is top-rated among all sinks. 

You can install this stainless steel sink either as a drop-in or under-mount, and it includes a grid, faucet, strainer, mounting hardware, and drain cap, all for a valid rate.

This kitchen sink has an extraordinary quality stainless steel, which resists marks and spotlights with a gently sloped underside and wrinkled channel groves for better drainage. The sink dimensions are 33×22×9 inches, making a wide bowl ideal for families who produce a pile of dirty vessels. It has two pre-drilled gaps for the fixture and an elective soap dispenser that comes along with it. This sink is an all-in-one model with an identical fixture that comes with it and a stylish retail pull-down model with 20 inches’ reach. Undoubtedly it’s quite a popular kitchen sink model along with all its helpful characteristics. 

Blanco Performa Cascade Super Single Bowl

A classic and elegant looking piece by Blanco Performa Cascade, the model is a single bowl granite sink that will redefine your kitchen. 

Blanco Performa Cascade, a German company, is known worldwide to manufacture high-standard quality sinks, which is one such model. While most of its models have earned tons of accolades, we vouch for Blanco Performa Cascade Super Single Bowl as it offers unique features besides massive positive reviews. The model comes with a low-height divider separating the larger sink bowl into two parts. It is 33×19 inches wide from front to back. 

 The basin has a ledge that is half the depth of its bowl and borders the lower main part, 18x 17.5 inches wide from front to back and with a depth of approximately 10 inches. Its raised body is 12×17.5 inches wide and around 7.75 inches in depth. Included with the product is a mesh colander, which comes in handy, and you can use it for washing your veggies and fruits. 

This model gives you the comfort of single and double basin bowls, both integrated into one unit. You can use the lower sink independent of the raised basin and if you require more space to wash the large pots, then continue filling the lower basin with water till the divider overflows. Next to the ledge, in the upper right corner, is the sink’s larger section, where you’ll find the drainage. Its intelligent and well-thought-through positioning allows more floor space and convenience to drain. 

The product is sill granite, which constitutes 80% of sturdy granite, giving it a long life and comfortable to clean as it is scratch and dirt-proof. 

It is a great model and stands true to its claims. Blanco Performa Cascade sink is a budget choice among the best-selling granite basins. You can clean red wine stains, vinegar, tea, and coffee spills all with ease. The model can withstand heat up to 536°F. So whether you slice a citrus fruit over it or toss a hot pot, you don’t need to overthink as the sink floor can stand it all. 

The versatile sink comes in 8 vibrant colors: biscotti, cafe brown, anthracite, cinder, biscuit, metallic grey, cinder, white, and truffle. The packaging also includes clips and a cutout template for mounting into the sink cabinet up to 36 inches long. 

Zuhne Genoa 32 Undermount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Zuhne Genoa 32 Undermount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is a solid basin constructed with industry-approved 16-gauge stainless steel with two reasonably good-sized two satin finish bowls. This model is strikingly decent in appearance and sturdy, with two similar 50/50 basins placed side-by-side, with each bowl measuring 14.5×17 inches in width front to back and 10 inches in depth. Most customers are happy with its deep sink basins, apt for washing large pots. Zuhne sinks have 25% thicker walls and floors, making them more reliable and heavier than the standard sinks available in the market. They are dent, corrosion, and scratch-resistant.

The two basins have their own drain hole in the sink’s back wall to accommodate more space for the dishes. Also, a massive benefit of the drain hole not positioned in the center is that when you stack up vessels in the sink, you will not end up blocking the holes as this is the case otherwise with the standard sinks. The sinks’ slope is towards the drainage ( back of the walls) to quickly drain the water. 

Zuhne Genoa has thick insulation to absorb sound and is an easy-to-clean model, so you won’t be troubled with the clattering sound while putting the utensils in the basin. The packaging also includes mounting hardware and a handy template for installation purposes. 

Final Word

A kitchen is one place where you spend most of your time, so it should be functional. While constructing your house, you invest in good kitchen appliances that last long and operate well, especially when it comes to the sink. While buying a decent-sized sink, don’t forget to consider its construct; it should be made of industry-grade stainless steel besides being spacious and trendy to suit your kitchen’s decor. Mentioned above are the best kitchen sink models that are more trendy, functional, and affordable. You can pick any of those that are close to your expectations.