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Signs Your Dishwasher Is Dying

A dishwasher is a lifesaver when you are overloaded with work and have no time to do the dishes. It is the easiest solution to save a lot of time and make the cleaning process more manageable. In modern days it isn’t easy to imagine life without this appliance. However, just like any other appliance, a dishwasher can also malfunction and eventually need a replacement. Some malfunctions may need a simple repair, while some might indicate that the dishwasher can fail anytime soon.

Listed below are some indications stating that it is about time to search for a replacement:

Dishwasher Is Old

If the dishwasher’s age is more than ten years, it might need a replacement or upgrade anytime soon. You may upgrade to a higher-end model. Models that are old may not be as efficient as the new ones. Replacing the old dishwasher will also save on your costs of electricity and water. The decision of replacement also depends on the maintenance of the appliance all these years.

Rusting Of The Appliance

You might not need a replacement soon if the rust is just on the outer area of the dishwasher, but if the rust is on the inside, you will need an immediate replacement or upgrade. Rusting signifies a more profound problem like a water leak. It denotes that the covering is breaking away, and the rust might get onto the dishes too. As a result, the dishes might appear rusty. 

Water Clogging After Wash

The dishwasher must never have standing water once the washing cycle has been completed. If you witness water clogging at the bottom, it indicates that the drain is blocked. Sometimes, it might be due to some food particles stuck in the drain, but you might have to go for a replacement if the problem persists.

The Door Does Not Latch

If the latch or lock of the dishwasher is not working, you will have to get it repaired or replaced immediately. The appliance cannot perform a wash cycle if the door is open. Early warning signs of leaks may indicate a problem in the door lock. If it is a minor issue, then a repair can fix the problem. But if the dishwasher is ancient, it becomes challenging to find the matching spare parts. Here you will need to upgrade to a more efficient model.

The Dishes Are Cold After Wash 

The dishes must always be hot to the touch once the wash cycle is over. If the dishes come out cold, it indicates that the cleaning process is not adequate. You must remember that properly sanitized dishes will be hot after the wash. If the dishes are cold, it indicates that the heating coil is not functioning correctly. The dishwasher thus needs to be repaired or replaced.

Cracks Start To Develop

A dishwasher that develops cracks can cause a water leak that can damage the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen floor or cabinets may develop Molds or mildew, and the treatment can be heavy on your pockets. You should replace the dishwasher if you notice any cracks on the body. 

Water Leakage

The water must never come out of the appliance. It is a big warning sign that the unit needs a replacement; otherwise, you may invite more significant trouble. Always turn off the water supply and dry the surface immediately. Then, remove the moisture using a fan or dehumidifier. Replace the unit if you are not able to get it fixed.

The Dishes Come Out Dirty

You may notice that the dishes are spotty or dirty after a wash. It is often because of using the wrong detergent, excess load, hard water, or leftover food. A solution to these common problems is also simple. You must rinse your dishes before putting them in, use good quality soap, and use soft water to wash the dishes. But if the dishes still come out dirty, then it might be a sign of malfunction, and you may need a replacement. 

Dishwasher Makes Noises

Uncommon noises made by a dishwasher are a ubiquitous sign denoting replacement. It indicates a problem with the motor of the appliance. It might be repairable, or you may need to upgrade your appliance to a better model. 


Any of the signs listed above might indicate a replacement needed for the appliance. Before you get a new model home, you must always check for the warranty as some issues might be corrected with a simple repair. Evaluate based on the cost involved, the time factor, spare parts, and appliance age. In some instances, buying a new dishwasher is the best choice.