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Things You Should Never Put Into The Dryer

You will find a cloth dryer in almost 80% of United States houses. A dryer is an inseparable part of any modern society. After cleaning clothes in a washing machine, the dryer makes the whole process of drying them very easy. Although it makes life simple, there are few things that you should keep in mind while putting things in a dryer. You surely do not want to damage either your clothing or dryer and waste all your money.  

Knitted Yarn

Do you also have a hand-knit sweater that Grandma knitted for you last Christmas? Never put in a dryer, or else you will ruin it at once. A power dryer can cause sweaters and other woolen garments to lose their shape. 

They can also shrink or stretch if subjected to excessive heat or a vigorous drying cycle. Therefore, knit or wool clothing should always air dry.

Bras And Bathing Suits

Bras and bathing suits are made of Spandex material and elastic. This heat-sensitive material provides for better flexibility and support. Unfortunately, everything made of spandex begins to break down and loses its elasticity due to intense heat. This would cause the bra to melt or lose its shape.

Favorite T-Shirts

Choose to skip a dryer when it comes to your favorite T-shirts. The heat of the dryer will result in degrading the graphics on your t-shirt. It can also cause your shirt to shrink and colors to fade. If you want a shirt to last forever, prefer to air dry it.


Cleaning shoes can be tricky. But do not put them in a dryer ever. It is terrible not only for the shoes but also for the dryer. The weight of shoes bouncing off the dryer could damage the dryer or unbalance the load. You don’t wish to break your dryer just for drying a pair of tennis shoes. The intense heat can damage the materials of shoes also. Heat can cause the glue on the shoe’s sole to melt, resulting in separating the sole from the shoe. 

Delicate Fabrics Like Silks

Silk is the most preferred delicate fabric as it feels so comfortable on the skin. Do not ever put any silk clothing in the dryer for faster drying. The intense high temperature can produce terrible wrinkles, but the most significant risk is that the fabric itself will crack or tear during the dryer cycle. Therefore, it is always recommended to approach a professional dry cleaner for silk and other delicate fabrics. 

Clothing With Fur

Avoid putting a fur-lined jacket in a dryer. Intense heat causes the fur to fall out and ruin your jacket. Not only is it a significant fire hazard if the fur is burned in the dryer, but it will also ruin the garment and the dryer. You should always air dry furry items after you have combed out tangles from the jacket. It is always better to take expensive garments like fur jackets to laundry services or dry cleaners for the best cleaning without damaging them. 

Avoid putting your uggs in the dryer as the intense heat would cause them to shrink.


Drying tights and pants in a dryer may be an easy option and tempting, but you expose them to the risk of knotting, tangling, and running galore even in only 5 minutes in the intense heat of the dryer. So instead, hang them near a heater to dry. (They tend to dry very quickly due to delicate material.)

If you are in utter emergency and rush, you can put your tights or pants in the dryer but only at the lowest heat level.


It is imperative to know which articles can be safely put in a dryer. Else you will end up damaging your items. You should always look for the directions on the label of the clothing before cleaning or drying it. Because not every item is fit for a washing machine or dryer, if you are not sure about any clothing, contact any professional in the dry cleaning industry for assistance.