Three Gut Friendly Dinner Recipes

If you are among the people conscious of their gut health, you belong here. This article brings brilliant recipes for a healthy gut. And best of all, you can prepare them with the easiest ingredients. So with no ado, let’s look at some mouth-watering, quick, and easy delights. 

What Does The Digestive System Do?

First, a wave motion called peristalsis occurs in the GI tract, letting the swallowed food travel down. Then the digestive enzymes in the stomach break down the food. Finally, a part of the large intestine stores the waste products, and from here, it’s excreted. 

Why Is Gut Health Vital?

A healthy gut implies a digestive system that functions well. Generally, people who have a high sugar diet and face sleep disturbances have an unhealthy gut. 

An ailing digestive system can cause illnesses like intestinal diseases and peptic ulcers. In addition, if you do not shift to a healthy lifestyle, issues like short bowel syndrome and cancers might develop. But, good news! Some delicious gut-friendly recipes are thankfully a way out.

Three Gut-friendly Dinner Recipes

Mahi-mahi With Veggies, Shallots, And Lime

It is an easy-to-make, versatile meal for a healthy gut. You require no cleanup to prepare it. Also, Mahi-mahi is an excellent surprise for your guest. 

Please feel free to triple or double this recipe (especially if you have guests over lunch). It’s also excellent for your digestive system because it will involve no grains! The given ingredients serve two people. You may change the ratio as the guest list varies.

6 Oz. Mahi-mahi Fillets 

¼ Tsp. Black Pepper

½ Tsp. Sea Salt

1 Tbs. Grated Lime Zest 

1 Tbs. Coconut Oil 

1 Tbs. Fresh Lemon Juice 

1 Tbs. Minced Fresh Thyme 

1 Tbs. Minced Fresh Parsley 

1 Minced Shallot 

4 Thin Slices Of Lime

½ Cup Julienned Snow Peas 

½ Cup Julienned Carrots

½ Cup Julienned Zucchini 

Here’s how you can prepare Mahi-Mahi

  1. First of all, heat the kitchen oven to 400 Fahrenheit.
  2. Next, cut the parchment paper into two 15×24 inches pieces. Fold them diagonally. Then, draw half big hearts on each piece. Next, use scissors and cut the two heart shapes. 
  3. Sprinkle pepper and salt on it along with fish.
  4. Near the fold of both the parchment papers, place a fillet. 
  5. After that, combine the lime zest, coconut oil, parsley, lime juice, thyme in one big bowl. Keep stirring it until these ingredients blend.
  6. Use the coconut oil mixture as topping for each fillet.
  7. Evenly divide the carrots, shallot, zucchini, and snow peas in both the fillets. Next, top them with two nice lime slices.
  8. Fold one heart over another. Cover the fish fully. As for the edges, seal with narrow folds. 
  9. Twist the end tip to fold firmly. 
  10. Use a baking sheet to keep the parchment packets. Bake them for around fifteen minutes. Next, transfer the prepared dish to serving plates. 
  11. Open the parchment paper. Your digestive enzymes can easily break down food like Mahi-Mahi. Serve fresh and enjoy!

Power Smoothie

Smoothies are brilliant for your GI tract. They don’t just contain sugars but are a blend of many fruits and veggies. Power smoothie is surely like fermented food that smoothens the digestive process. So, here are the ingredients:

1 Cup Baby Kale 

1 Cup Frozen Pineapple Chunks 

1 Cup Water 

1 Ripe Banana Halved Lengthwise And Peeled

½ Cup Pineapple Juice 

½ Ripe Avocado 

2 Tbs. Hemp Seeds 

Let’s see how to prepare this tasty smoothie:

  1. Use a blender and process all the given gut-friendly ingredients.
  2. Do it at a low speed initially until the mixture gets a coarser texture.
  3. You may do it for ten seconds.
  4. Then, make sure to increase the speed of your blender to high. Finally, process the mixture until it becomes a smoothie. It’ll take one minute. 
  5. Process all ingredients in a blender at low speed until mixture is combined but still coarse in texture, about ten seconds.
  6. Your body can absorb this simple but delicious recipe. Serve and enjoy!

Chicken Pikkata

This lemony chicken is quick and easy. Quercetin is present in this dish that leans body mass and improves glucose tolerance. Read below to know the entire recipe.

These ingredients will keep your salivary glands and gut healthy. 

1 Lb. Chicken Tenderloins

1 Cup Brown Rice Flour 

½ tsp. Salt 

¼ tsp. Black Pepper 

¼ Cup Organic Ghee 

3 Tbs. Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Shallots chopped 

2 Tbs. Capers

¾ Cup Chicken Broth 

Lemon Twists (For Garnishing)

Here’s The Preparation Method:

  1. Put the chicken tenderloins in a parchment paper layer. Press it until it becomes one-fourth inch thick.
  2. Mix the pepper, rice flour, and salt in any shallow bowl.
  3. Take the flour mixture and put the chicken tenderloins in it. Coat them evenly.
  4. At medium heat, make the ghee warm for two to three minutes.
  5. Add half of those chicken pieces after making the flame medium-high.
  6. Make the chicken light brown. You may cook for five minutes.
  7. Likewise, cook all the pieces. Then, saute the shallots for two minutes.
  8. Then, add some capers, lemon juice, chicken pieces, and chicken broth to that pan. 
  9. Once the sauce gets thick, shift the chicken piccata to serving dishes. Garnish with lemons. And serve fresh!


In this article, we bring you gut-friendly recipes that help avoid significant diseases. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive System permits the consumption of the ingredients mentioned above. You may also consume dishes made of anti-inflammatory foods like sweet potato.