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Tips And Tricks For Washing Your Clothes

That dirty laundry basket never seems to be empty. You wash the clothes, dry them, iron them, and the basket fills up again by the time you wear them. While your washing machine will do most of the work for you, some clothes will need your special attention. For instance, you shouldn’t wash delicate fabrics like linen or silk with more durable materials like cotton. Along with this, you occasionally have to go through that extra hassle, especially when it comes to pesky stains or trying to eliminate odors. However, none of these concerns should worry you. To help you sort your laundry day, here are tips and tricks for washing your clothes. 

This guide aims to help you explain your machine, how fabric groups react, and the best methods for treating commonly encountered problems like stains, dinginess, and color bleeding.

Select The Right Temperature

Did you know your clothes will last way longer when washed at the proper water temperature? Selecting the right water temperature is the key to success on your laundry day. Coldwater works well for delicate fabrics, dark colors that tend to bleed, or items that might shrink. On the other hand, warm water is perfect for moderately soiled clothing. You can use hot water on towels, sheets, or heavily stained clothes. 

Try Pre-Treatment For Stain Removal

Spilled food on your favorite dress? Don’t worry. You can get rid of it with pre-treatment. For this, drench the stained area in the detergent or stain remover and let it sink in before washing. Or you can soak the item in cold water before the cycle to ease the stain. But, again, make sure you get rid of the stain before tossing the item into the washer. 

Pick The Right Detergent

While choosing detergents, most of us buy what our parents have used or something that’s cheapest in the store. However, you should pay keen attention to that detergent you’re buying. For instance, powder detergents are less expensive and work well for casual clothes. On the other hand, liquid detergents are great for pre-treating stains. But make sure it has more cleaning enzymes. Lastly, single-use detergent or liquid pods are great and prevent overdosing. However, make sure you check the price per load if you’re on a tight budget. 

Wash The Darks Inside Out

Don’t like your favorite pair of jeans getting faded after every wash? Here’s an incredible hack – you can wash your denim or any dark clothes inside out to prevent them from getting faded. Sure, the interiors might suffer some color erosion, but the exteriors will remain dark and vibrant. 

Wash On A Shorter Cycle

If your favorite clothes aren’t soiled, using a shorter cycle is the wisest choice. Also, if your clothes are delicate, always use the gentlest cycle you can find. 

Know When And How To Wash With Hands

Just because the label reads “dry clean only” doesn’t mean you can’t wash the piece with your hands. Fabrics like wool, rayon, silk, and linen can very well tolerate hand washing. Wondering how to hand wash clothes? Here’s how you can do it.

Drench the clothes into lukewarm water and mild detergent and swish for three to five minutes. Now rewash the items with fresh water and keep rinsing until the soap comes out. Now press out excess water and hang it on a drying rack. Now that’s the best tip for washing clothes by hand. However, remember, you shouldn’t toss delicate clothes in the dryer. 

Know Which Dryer Setting Would Work Best

Okay, but “normal” or “regular” settings on the dryer aren’t exactly what you think. These modes provide the highest heat, which only heavy items like towels and jeans can tolerate at such temperature levels. So it’s best to choose a delicate setting that provides low heat and prevents any damage or shrinking to the material for more delicate clothes. 

Reduce Wrinkles

Who has the time to iron clothes for an urgent trip? When you can’t iron the clothes, use a dryer sheet or fabric softener to help reduce wrinkles and select the lowest temperature setting possible to get the job done. Also, remove clothes from the dryer as soon as they get dried up and immediately hang or fold them neatly. 

Wrapping Up

These were eight effective tips for washing clothes you can try on your next laundry day. However, there’s more  – you should also clean your dryer and washer regularly for maximum efficiency. It doesn’t mean you should do it every month but once in 2 or 3 months. Try these tips, and your clothes will thank you forever.