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Tips to Get Rid Of Roof Moss

All that looks green around your house is not good for your home. Especially the green moss that covers your roof. That green and soft stuff is moss. Moss grows quickly in humid areas and remains moist as they attach to the surface and absorb water. It doesn’t require a lot of shade to grow, but that area is ideal for rapid growth. 

Green moss is unwanted and can make your house look unpleasant. It can cause damage to the roof of the house, which can cost you a lot of money over time. If not treated, it can turn out to be a nightmare for your home. It can virtually damage and degrade your roofing material and cause you a lot of money in repairs and replacements. If you face green moss, then these are the tips you can follow to get rid of it.

Ways To Remove Green Moss 

Firstly, put a ladder close to the area where the moss is growing and keep a few of the precautions ready like shoes, old clothes, rubber gloves, and protection for your eyes. You can remove the moss with some household ingredients. Mix bleach, vinegar, or dish soap with water to form a solution. It will kill the moss on the roof. Fill this mixture in a garden sprayer which makes it easy to use. Leave it on the moss for 20-45 mins to thoroughly kill the moss. Scrub off the moss with a brush. Scrub the moss in a downward direction; if the scratching is done in the upward movement, it leads to open shingles, allowing moisture to seep under them.

Power washing the moss is one option to remove it from your roof, but it has its disadvantages. Before power washing, one should see all the roof tiles, and none should be missing or broken. If the tiles are missing or broken and the water pressure is high near the damaged tiles, it causes more damage. If you decide to use a power washer, you should make sure that you stand at the top of the roof and point the washer downwards. Make sure that the pressure settings are on the lowest setting to avoid damage. 

Prevent Moss From Returning

There are various ways through which you can keep your roof free from moss. Sunlight is a great help in keeping the moss away. The roof should not be covered with tree branches; if any branches hang on the roof, you should trim them and let the sunlight reach the surface. Keep the surface of the roof dry and away from moisture. Clean the gutters and remove leaves or anything which remains moist regularly to keep the moss away. 

These were some of the natural ways through which you can prevent the moss. There are some artificial or chemical ways, and they are more effective and used for long-term purposes. One of the best ways is to keep zing strips or any zinc-coated metal underneath the roof’s peak. When the zing strips come in contact with water or when it rains, the water flows over them; the strips release particles which are moss retardant, and these particles flow with the water and reach to the corners of the roof or tiles and prevent moss from forming. 


It is always better to be intelligent, attentive, and strategic when it comes to your house. Eliminating moss can add years to your roof and your home. By following the mentioned ways, you can quickly get rid of the moss menace and eliminate the stubborn green moss that has been troubling you for all these months. So, go ahead and apply these quick and easy ways in your routine to add decades to your beautiful home.