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Tips To Keep Your House Organized

Although the task of keeping your house tidy and clean can come off as a drag, it does not have to take up the majority of your time. If you cultivate the habit of organizing into your daily routines, the task of keeping your house clean will seem simple as well as doable, and most importantly, it will take up a lot less time than before. The more you incorporate such habits into your routine, the easier things will get. It may feel overwhelming initially, but even if you start small as you get started and then build up more, the less immense the task will feel.

Begin By Making Your Bed

To some, the idea of making their bed may seem like a massive waste of their time and energy, but it can make a significant impact on not only how clean and tidy your room will look but also on your hygiene. If done religiously every day, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. To make things simple and more comfortable, simplify your bedding as much as you can.

Being Content With “Clean Enough.”

If you are a perfectionist, this may be the toughest one for you. Your house should be reasonably tidy as well as clean, but that does not mean every little thing has to look perfect. It would be best if you tried to follow the 80/20 rule; it implies that you’re happy with 80% of the cleaning. Getting stuck in details that make up the last 20%, such as getting to those hard to reach and out of the way little places to dust or ensuring that every last speck of dust is off from the floor, are a massive waste of your time and probably are details that no one other than you would notice. However, those areas and hard-to-reach corners have to be cleaned at some point, only when you have planned deep cleaning in your schedule, not in your regular weekly cleaning routine.

Prioritize What Needs To Be Done

Not all cleaning tasks are equal. Create a list of things that you would want to do, and then contemplate and prioritize what you need to do and what you can wait until the next week or a few days. According to the free time you have available, note down your top two or three tasks that you can realistically achieve as your cleaning goals, and try to stick to these goals before taking on other cleaning tasks. You will find noting down studies can help you remain focused.

Get Everyone Else In Your House Involved

Although it is easier to do all the tasks on your own, taking time out of your daily schedule to teach your children how to complete such tasks correctly will benefit both of you in the long run. It will end up saving some of your own time as you would be able to delegate some tasks to others while you focus on some else. You can begin by encouraging your kids to pick after themselves, such as putting the shoes away or putting their coat away when they come in the house, cleaning their room, and putting their dishes after eating in the dishwasher.

It will amaze you by how much impact it can bring to your house’s overall cleanliness and tidiness even when such simple tasks are taken care of. In the beginning, when you try to motivate your kids to get involved, you would likely have to be on your kids. However, over time this will develop into a habit for them as well, and as time goes on, there would eventually be less need to remind them to do something.

I Am Doing A Nightly 15mins Cleanup.

Try to develop a habit in your family to do the nightly cleanup for 15 minutes max. For some reason, it does not seem as bad to clean up when everyone is busy doing the same thing. You can use a timer to know when the 15 minutes are up and try to get the tasks done, which are the top priority. Your kids can do small household chores or clean their rooms while you try to complete other tasks such as folding and putting away your laundry or finishing up with the kitchen. Begin with making a lot of clutter or making a lot of mess, or maybe even a “must do” task that you can do before you go to be. 

Place All Your Necessary Cleaning Supplies Near Where You Need Them

To make things tidier as well as convenient, store your necessary cleaning supplies near where you require them. You can have your bathroom stocked with essential cleaning supplies such as polishing cloth, microfiber cloths, vinegar, or a multi-purpose cleaner of your preference, a spray bottle with water. This makes it more comfortable and convenient for you to do a task quickly, like wiping a gross toothpaste spit off your mirror or giving your toilet a quick swipe instead of looking for cleaning supplies every time you decide to take a task. Attempt to complete as many simple tasks as you can, prioritize them based on what you have to do and what can be done later as it will take only a minute or two. It will also help reduce the number of times you would be forced to a bottom deep clean. 


Keeping your neat and tidy can get simple if you incorporate simple habits into your routine. The most formidable challenge is to start with small tasks such as making your bed every day to get the momentum going.