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Upcycling How To Reuse Old Clothes

As you become older, you may notice that your clothes no longer fit you. To make your wardrobe fresh and clean, selling your clothes is the best choice. Sometimes the clothes are too old to donate, so upcycling ideas are the way to go. There are a different number of ways to reuse your old clothes to make your life easier. Some of the easiest are cutting off the sleeves of old t-shirts to turn them into tank tops, cutting up old pants and skirts to make shorts and capris, and many more.

Make Your Glitter Trainers

Glittery apparel is in fashion right now, and one trend that we love is DIY glitter sneakers. These shoes’ beauty is that they aren’t just shiny and sparkly, but they are highly customizable. To make your glitter trainers, you’ll need some old sneakers, a pair of scissors, glitter, and some durable fabric glue. The next is to mix the glitter with glue when you apply it. In the last step, use an extra layer of glue on the top to keep everything in place. 

Turn Your Favorite T-Shirts Into A Duvet Cover

If you’re a fan of thrift stores and you love t-shirts, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where a pile of shirts surrounds you, but you don’t have anything to wear. Luckily, you can turn your selection of shirts into a duvet cover for your bed. 

For this, you will need a t-shirt, scissors, and thread. If the t-shirt you choose has a design on it that you want to show off, you can cut the design out before starting the project. You can also find t-shirts with the whole front sewn together, making the task even more accessible. Either way, you will need to cut the sleeve off the shirt and then cut the rest of the shirt into a rectangle the size of your duvet cover.

Cut A T-Shirt Into A Halter Neck Top

If you’ve got an old t-shirt that you like, but it’s too short, then why not turn it into a halter? Cut the neck out of the top and then either hem the neckline or cut it to stop just above your navel. Use fabric glue to stick the sides together and wear it with skinny jeans and heels.

Turn Old Jumpers Into Cushion Covers

Turning old clothes into new clothes is a very creative practice; it depends on your creativity. It’s pretty simple, all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the sweater sleeves off, and you’re halfway there. Now, measure your cushion and cut out the right-sized shape for the cover. Finally, put it all together, and you have yourself a new couch cover!

Put Your Favorite T-Shirts In A-Frame

If you have old t-shirts you don’t wear anymore, you can frame them or use the frame to show off a favorite band or sports team. Just make sure to measure the frame before you go out, so you get a structure that’s the right size for the t-shirts you’re going to use.


These are some great ways to upcycle your old clothing and positively impact the environment. These ideas will allow you to turn some older sentimental clothing items into everyday items you can keep around the house. You can also get your friends or family members involved in a fun project and teach others new ways to recycle old materials. Start going through your closet today and see what clothing items you can find to repurpose.