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Top Home Décor Mistakes Everyone Makes

When it comes to home decoration, there are so many things you should avoid to prevent your house from looking too much or too less. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of the top 10 home décor mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Not Adding a Personal Touch

We are always so focused on copying decoration ideas off Pinterest that we seldom add a personal touch. A place needs to have character; otherwise, it looks empty, no matter how on point your décor is. Take inspiration from the Internet but don’t forget to add a piece of yourself to your home. It could be anything, from works of art that resonate with you or maybe some vintage pieces you have collected over the years.

2. Wrong Rug Size

Rugs have an integral role to play in any room. They give it that complete look. However, the wrong rug size can have the opposite effect. If your rug is too small and your room is too large, it can look completely off and make your room look empty. If it’s the other way around, it can make it look too overwhelming. Therefore, the right rug size is just as important as the rug itself, so the next time you buy a rug, make sure to do it in accordance with the size of the room.

3. Fake Plants

Can we talk about how much we despise these? Fake plants are a big no-no when it comes to décor. They look tacky and will kill the vibe of your home. Better than using fake plants is using no plants at all. If your reason for not buying real ones is because you don’t have time to look after them, then there are so many indoor plants for beginners that you can buy. They are low maintenance and will add freshness and beauty to your home.

4. Trying To Match Everything

While we agree that everything in your home should go well together, trying to match everything isn’t the best idea. If everything is too matched, it’ll make your room look boring and overcrowded. You need to have some contrast in your room. That being said, nothing should be completely different also so that it looks out of place. It’s a tricky balance but matching everything to the bone is certainly not the solution. Play around with textures and materials for a more subtle contrast.

5. Overcrowding

Using too many decorative pieces in one place can make your home look overcrowded. The same goes for furniture. Try to put as many pieces of furniture according to your space. The aim should not be to try and fit everything in; you need to give the room space to breathe. Remember, less is more, so choose your pieces wisely. One statement piece, for instance, could have more of an impact than many different pieces that could make your area look chaotic.

6. Not Sticking To A Color Palette

This is one of the basic rules of home decoration. You need to establish a color palette. Not doing so will make your home look all over the place. To make it look chic, make a color palette and decorate your room according to it. That doesn’t mean that everything has to be one color, but that it would follow a range of colors that are in line with one another. Let’s say your color palette is whites and beiges, which means your decorative items would follow that color palette with a little contrast here and there to break the monotony.

7. Fancy Curtains

Frilly and Fancy curtains were so 200 years ago! Okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but seriously they are so outdated. Modern curtains are all about minimalism. Choose a solid color; there’s nothing else you need to do. It’ll look sophisticated and elegant and give your room a finished look. If curtains aren’t your style, you can always go for wooden blinds, but please don’t use fancy curtains because they’ll look tacky and will ruin the aesthetic of your home.

8. Pushing Furniture Against The Walls

To create depth in a room, you need to have space between the furniture and the walls. If you push your furniture against the walls, it will make your room look empty. Make sure to put them in the center so that the room looks spacious and airy. It’ll create an illusion of space, making the room look bigger than it is.

9. Blindly Following The Latest Trends

Before you decide to follow the latest design trends, have a look at your space. Would these trends go with it, or would they make it look out of place? Understand that all the latest trends don’t have to be followed. You have to see if they will go with your home; otherwise, it’s completely pointless. Also, keep in mind that these trends come and go fast, so a better option would be to go for a timeless look that you don’t have to keep changing because it’s not trending anymore.

10. Buying Everything Beforehand

One of the biggest home decoration mistakes is buying all the items before your place is done. The way that something looks inside your head may look very different when put together. Once your place is ready, then you’ll have a better idea of the kind of pieces that’ll go well with it. So save yourself the time and hassle by not getting them beforehand.

Now that you are aware of basic home décor mistakes, you can avoid making them! It’ll save you the cost of your home looking overcrowded or out of place.