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What To Do If Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes Are Uncomfortable

Are your favorite pair of shoes uncomfortable to wear?  Stress no further and read our guide on making uncomfortable shoes wearable in quick, easy steps. With online shopping becoming so popular lately, you are sure to order the wrong size of shoe we realize the cute shoes you bought are very uncomfortable. In this case, you only have a few options. First, you wear the shoes and suffer the pain. Second, you wear it for some days, and after, it goes back into your closet forever. The third one, you can take the matter into your hands and try to make your shoes comfortable. It would be best if you took some cautionary measures so your shoes make you comfortable. We promise that you can conquer your new shoe pain. Let go and dive deep in.


Perfect Fit

The best things are to buy the shoes according to your size. If not measured, the size of feet increases as you grow older. Try to buy shoes at the day’s end because our feet swell out throughout the day and become larger. In that way, you will get a pair of shoes that fit your feet properly. 

One foot is generally bigger than the other, so make sure you can buy the pair of shoes that fit the larger foot. After getting the shoes, stand up and make sure that there is more space for your longest toe. Walk for 2 to 3 mins and make sure that your pair of shoes stay in the proper place and doesn’t slip off your heels. The problem is that when shoes slip, it rubs your skin, which never feels good. 


Do you feel worse after wearing too-tight shoes? The one practice you need to do to feel more comfortable is stretch your shoes or wear them and move them around your house until it is more comfortable. If it hurts your feet too much, stop wearing them and repeat the process again and again. To speed up this procedure, you need to wear thick socks and apply heat while wearing your shoes. For 30 sec intervals, blow-dry a pair of shoes while stretching them to help them expand. Make sure to leave the shoes on till they have thoroughly cooled.

Another method is stuffing your shoes with as many socks as you can to pack them down. This way, you can leave them in your closet to stretch out overnight. Remove the socks when you want to wear the pair of shoes. If you want to stretch your shoes properly, purchase wooden shoe stretchers or go to a professional cobbler.

Create a Barrier

Do you ever think why men don’t complain about their types of shoes like regular wear, running shoes, etc.? The reasons are they always wear socks with shoes. The leading cause of foot pain is friction, so nip it in the bud by implementing a buffer between your shoes and the skin. You can apply moleskin in the areas where the shoes hurt your feet. The part of shoes that rub is because they are too large. Gel inserts or cushions also work very well.

Alice Bow Insoles

Ever think about how Kate Middleton can pull off wearing high heels the entire day? The Duchess of Cambridge is an enthusiast of Alice Bow’s calfskin insoles, intended to give the most lavish padding and solace. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also customize them to your style needs. 


Wearing uncomfortable shoes is the worst, especially when they are your favorite pair. Use these new tips and tricks to make any pair of your shoes more comfortable. You also feel relief knowing you can make any pair comfortable when you order a pair online. If you spend your whole day on your feet and your pair of shoes don’t have proper support, a pair of insoles can give you an outstanding result.