Benefits Of Using A Weighted Blanket


A weighted blanket is also known as a gravity blanket. In the beginning, a weighted blanket was challenging to purchase, but nowadays, you can buy it almost anywhere. Gravity blankets help those who are having difficulty sleeping and want to improve it and treat some sensory cells and tissues.

To get the blanket’s accurate weight, you can calculate it as 10% of your total body weight plus an additional pound. The blanket doesn’t need to cover the full size of your bed, but rather should cover the whole of your body and, yes, of your partners too. Weighted blankets are harmless when you know how to use them correctly. Remember to take proper caution when using it on young kids.

Weighted blankets have been around for years, and it has been benefiting many people since it is known for its medicinal and potential value to improve sleep. 

It Accelerates Anxiety-induced Insomnia

When you are stressed out, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol. Your body produces cortisol when you’re feeling nervous, anxious, and having trouble sleeping. When you are not able to sleep properly at night, it leads to insomnia. This happens when there is a rise in cortisol levels, which prevents you from having a sound sleep. However, using a weighted blanket may help accelerate rest as it stimulates your feel-good hormone called dopamine. 

It Promotes Melatonin Production

The production of melatonin helps to promote the sleep cycle. It regulates your circadian rhythm. When you use a weighted blanket, your body will produce melatonin which is linked to serotonin. 

Your body produces melatonin with the deep touch pressure in patients who have trouble sleeping. If you want to boost your sleep and melatonin levels, you must use a weighted blanket.  

It Helps To Decrease Anxiety Levels

Not having a night of proper sleep can have a significant impact on your life. You can suffer from weight loss, gain and sleep disorders, and even mood swings, and all these are now common in adults and many children suffering from sleep disorders. Children suffer from anxiety attacks. Researchers have shown that taking stress can impact the nervous systems and can lower anxiety levels. The use of the weighted blanket helps you to reduce anxiety. 

Helps Children With ADHD

Studies have found out that children with autism can better cope with a weighted blanket. Autism children find it hard to concentrate, and the weighted blanket helps to ease the anxiety level in children with autism or ADHD. A child feels a sense of security with the help of a weighted blanket. You can try weighted vests or lap pads to get some effects. Several schools have started to implement the use of weighted pads. 

Lower Risks Of Panic Attacks

The patients who get panic attacks can get an episode any time of the day, leaving them with vulnerable conditions. There are several medications prescribed that can help you calm the anxiety and make you feel relaxed. Weighted blankets may help to reduce panic attacks and helps to promote the production of serotonin and dopamine. Weighted blankets minimize the occurrence of panic attacks. It is beneficial for those having nocturnal panic attacks. 

Elevates Your Mood

Our lives are so busy, and it makes us stressed out and feel depressed, and it feels like all the joy has gone into the dark. It is crucial to find the solution before it gets worse. Weighted blankets can help elevate your mood and help to lower stress which makes you feel good.

Reduces Symptoms Of Restless Leg Syndrome

A weighted blanket does the work by putting pressure on the legs and giving you a comfortable sleep. You can wear compression socks. They can be tight to wear if you wear them for long periods.  

Anxiety Disorder

Stress is from tension, and when you have stress, you’re not able to sleep properly. Weighted blankets help you to have a ground sleep during nights by pushing your body downwards. It makes you feel calm and has an earthy effect on your body.

It also stimulates deep pressure touch that helps to reduce chronic stress and anxiety disorders. Weighted blankets are to complement alternative medications of sleep. It helps promote relaxation to the anxiety level and triggers the excellent hormone that is dopamine and serotonin. 


There are many benefits of using a weighted or gravity blanket. It helps you stay calm and provides soothing sleep. It helps ease anxiety disorders and relieves pain and restlessness. You need a special blanket to take care of your needs and the people you love. If you sleep in a gravity blanket, you will find relief in pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

This particular type of blanket is an excellent alternative to taking medications for sleep at night. It promotes calming hormones by activating neurotransmitters in the brain. Many people are using the weighted blanket to ease the pain and discomfort of sleep.