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Best Ways To Organize Pots And Pans

Cookware comes in all shapes and sizes, making storing it all feel like a complicated task. Especially when you have a small kitchen or limited space, organizing pots & pans in an accessible way takes some creative thinking. Pots and pans are some of the typical pieces of kitchen equipment to handle. They’re big and bulky, so you have to find many easily accessible spaces for them. 

Here, see how to keep everything organized and some of the best ways to organize pots and pans:

Hang From Pot Rails On A Wall

Wall space is just an excellent storage space. If you have spare walls without shelving or cabinets in your kitchen, consider adding a pot rail and using hooks to hang your cookware. Also, you can slide the lids into the rails for even more stylish storage.

Pan Organizer Rack

Putting pans on top of each other can be a tough job. You’ll have to remove the whole stack to get to the one you want to use. This way, you can take out one without having to move all the others.

Organize Pots And Pans Above The Stove

Keep your pots and pans above the stove, so while you’re cooking, they’re only an arm’s reach away. Mount a simple pot rack on the underside of the upper cabinetry or the wall behind the range, making sure it’s strong enough to support the weight of your cookware. Use hooks to hang pots, pans, and other utensils right where you’ll need them.

Hang Pots And Pans On A Pegboard

A pegboard that is entirely customizable provides a pots and pans storage idea. Install a pegboard on a wall and use various hooks to hang up pots & pans by their handles. This organizing idea also works well for other items like cooking utensils, cutting boards, measuring cups, kitchen scissors, and more.

Deep Drawer Divider

You can also keep your pots & pans organized by adding dividers if you have pretty deep drawers. If you’re on a budget, these can be made from cheap foam board.

Cut pieces of the foam board of the correct shape and stick them into the drawer, providing separate areas to store pots and pans. One section could be used for cookware pots, while another could get used for frying pans.

Mount A Ceiling Pot Rack

If you’re limited with cabinet storage and wall space, look to the pots & pans storage ceiling. Ceiling-mounted pot racks are available in a great variety of sizes and if you’ve otherwise run out of storage space, provide a great solution. 

Just ensure that you can easily reach the hanging pans. If your ceilings are exceptionally high, try attaching the pot rack to a beam or adding length to the fixture’s chain instead.

Cabinet Hooks

Adding cabinet hooks to the inside of a door is the most straightforward idea on the list and can provide a fabulous place to hang pan lids. You’ll want 3M hooks which the pot lids you can slot.

After installed, the lids will be easy to reach while eliminating clutter from the cabinet indoors.

You can also go for screw-in hooks to hang the pots & pans in your cupboard for easier access.

Sliding Storage

Installing sliding storage in your cabinets is another great idea. You can buy ready-made sliding racks for storage, which you can install into a suitable cabinet. Depending on which type you opt for, the pots and pans can be hung or stored on the wire rack.

They look like the racks you get in a dishwasher and help to keep everything organized.

Store Lids For Pots & Pans In A Drawer

Pots & pans come with lids, and it’s not a great idea (not always) to store those two cookwares together. Stash lids in a drawer or cabinet near the range so you can quickly grab one mid-meal prep. 

An over-cabinet lid holder can also help take advantage of behind-the-door space. Place a lid organizer inside to ensure all pieces remain standing up and in place. 

Use The Island For Pots & Pans Storage

If your cabinets are all full, then move pots & pans storage to the island. A kitchen cart can also work great if you don’t have a built-in island. Dedicate an open shelf to cookware storage, nest several pots together to save space, and store the lids elsewhere. You can also flip the pot lids upside-down on the cooking pots to create a flatter surface that allows for stacking.

Final Words

Organizing pots and pans are just one step in managing your overall kitchen space

You will be able to set up the cooking area in a way that works for you once you’ve figured out how you will arrange your cookware.

Use and apply these best ways in your kitchen’s spare area to make the most use of it.