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Best Ways To Wash Pillows

We use our pillows every night but, we rarely wash our pillows. If you notice that your pillows are turning yellow or you can see dirt on them, then you must clean these pillows. Dirty pillows can have dust mites, and these cause allergies and prevent you from getting good sleep. If you get allergies quickly, then you can wash your pillows every month or two. If you do not get any allergies, then you can wash them about every four months.

Air It Out 

You can keep fluffing your pillows so that they can restore their shape and all the dust settled on them gets removed. It would be best if you hung the pillows outside at least once a month. Try to dry on pillows outside when there is good sunshine and some breeze. If you have a foam or a latex pillow, then you can put it in a dryer. 

Wash It Gently 

It is easy to wash a pillow but drying it can take some time. If there is a stain, you can use a stain cleaner made to remove that specific kind of stain. You should put two pillows in the washer simultaneously, too, because that can balance the load. 

Down Or Feather

Most pillows that you buy are washing machine safe. Just use a little cool water, use a detergent that is not very harsh, and dry your pillow with a little bit of heat. 

Memory Foam Or Latex

When put into a washer, the foam breaks down, so you might have to wash the pillows with your hands. Use a vacuum to remove any dust on the pillow. Use a cloth and a little detergent to wash your pillow. After that, you can leave it to air dry. 


It is best if you use liquid soap for polyester. You can put a few pillows on the washer and avoid using too much detergent. 

Buckwheat Hulls 

Leave the buckwheat in the sun for a few hours to eliminate any foul smell, and then you can wash the shell with some detergent and cold water. 

Dry It Thoroughly 

Your pillows must be fully dry because if they are not, then you might find some mildew on your pillows. Do not put your pillows on an auto dry setting because your pillows might get dry fast from the outside, but they will still be wet inside. One trick is to use tennis balls in the dryer as you will not have to worry about the pillows clumping. 

If you are using feather pillows, then do not use a hot air setting. It will take longer for the pillows to dry, but it is better for your pillows. If you do not have a dryer or you have good sunshine where you live, then you can hang your pillows out to dry. Always use a pillow cover as it keeps all the sweat and oils away from your pillow, and it is much easier to clean a pillow cover than a pillow. 

How Do You Clean Pillows That Cannot Be Washed?

Some pillows are of materials like net and silk, etc., and sadly, you cannot wash these materials. Dry cleaning will keep your pillows clean, and there will not be any damage to the pillow fabric. If the label on the pillow says that you can wash the pillows, you can do so. Otherwise, stick to dry cleaning. 

What Kind Of Washer Is Best Suited For Washing Pillows?

Front-load washing machines are the best for washing pillows. Using a top-load machine is challenging because they cannot correctly soak the pillow, which does not get clean. Do not use any machine that has agitators because those can damage your pillows. 

How To Wash Pillows Without Any Clumping?

The best thing you can do is use more than one pillow to prevent any lumps from forming. You can use upholstery shampoo as an alternative in place of detergent. 


You must have a clean pillow. You sleep for about eight hours, and your face is on a pillow, so it might as well be clean. Pillows can get dirty very quickly because you are sweating at night, and any oil or cream on your face gets transferred to your pillow. Wash the pillows from your cushion as well because they get filthy too. You might get some allergies or rashes if you keep using dirty pillows. If you use clean pillows and bedsheets, you will get better sleep quality every night.