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How To Get All Your Food Dishes Done At The Same Time For Dinner

Mashing potatoes, cooking a chicken, preparing a salad these tasks are not difficult for someone who knows their way around a kitchen. However, the one thing that is a problem for most people is the timing. Ensuring that every dish reaches the table simultaneously, all hot and ready, is the real challenge. Everyone has problems with timing; sometimes the chicken is ready, but the salad isn’t, the dessert is ready, but the main course is still in process. The more you cook, the more you improve with your timing and the more intuitive you become with your preparation.

In addition to the practice, here are some tips you can follow to work on your timing and make sure that the food arrives simultaneously while being hot and ready.

Tips you can follow to make sure your food is ready on time.

Keep It Simple And Make Good Choices

To cook your dishes on time, the important aspect is to plan well. Begin with dishes that require a longer cooking time, not to have to worry about the timing. If you are working on a new dish or cooking technique, you should take a 15-minute head start for cooking and prep. Also, make sure you pay equal attention to the other dishes. Ensure you get all your ingredients beforehand so as not to waste your time rummaging around for ingredients. Do not go crazy at the last moment; stick to your plan. 

Make A Timeline

Decide the dinnertime first and work your way backward. Write down your menu so that you do not forget something; mention the recipe and the cooking time so you can get back to the paper if you have a doubt. If you are not following a recipe, a Google search will be helpful. It is always a bonus point to know a few quick tips for cooking. Figure out the time your vegetables would require to cook properly. Stick to simpler dishes and if you do, try a new recipe, prepare and time it accordingly. Make a timeline for cutting your vegetables, preparing your spices, roasting, or baking time. All in all, divide your time accordingly and stick to it.

Execute The Timeline

Now that you have your menu and timeline prepared and set, you should now set your plan in motion. Pour for yourself a glass of wine or a beverage you enjoy most, play some music, and now get to the cooking. Preheat your oven, dice your vegetables, stir your broth. Stick to the plan and do not deviate at the last moment. Most times, inspiration strikes at the last minute, but since you do not have the time do not execute your new idea, stick to what you know. If you follow your timeline and plan to the digit, you will see that your food has been prepared on time. 

In case there is a dinner disaster, and your main course is done way before your other dishes, do not panic. Grab some foil and wrap and wrap your cooked dish properly. This way, by the time rest of your dishes, are prepared, your main course will still be hot and ready to serve.


There you have 3 tips that will help you to prepare your food on time. Enjoy your food in order, and make sure you stick to the tips for the best results.